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anvil stand?

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how would i make an anvil stand im thinking maby just a big block of wood would work? i dont relly know much about them or what hight they should be or how big or if they need to be light or heavy. can someone help me out and maby post a few pics of their stands?

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Start with the face of the anvil is knuckle high when the blacksmith is standing tall and makes a fist with the hammer hand. This is adjusted as needed for the comfort of the blacksmith. Some blacksmiths prefer the anvil face height at the break of the wrist. Strikers prefer the anvil face to be lower.

There are many discussions on the IForgeIron forum about anvil height, construction, methods of support, and design shape. Construction of the anvil stand can increase or decrease the ring of the anvil. The Blueprint series has some information also.

A search for anvil + stand had over 160 hits.

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Having just gone through this process twice recently for my first anvil - all I can say (after my first overcomplicated and over wobbly anvil trestle with built in wheels and vice) is 'KISS' it (keep it super simple) and go for a single block of wood.

I did use the 'knuckle height' gauge and it worked a treat (see 'my first anvil' post).

My small anvil is now on a 12" square 24" tall single offcut from a yellowbox eucalyptus post. It is sturdy and strong, but rather heavy for portable work.

I also like this style because I can now add to the post as my skills develop (anvil stays, tool rests, vice holders, etc) so my stump will 'grow' with me.

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