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Kandle Kup Kink

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Not worth a blueprint but a good method for anyone who makes candle holders:

I typically rivet my cups to the holder body and usually had trouble getting the hole centered in the cup. Since I make my own cups from 18 ga sheet, I had a "DOH!" moment when I figured out to center and drill a small (1/16) hole while the blank is flat, then do the sinking in the swage block. Afterwards, I can easily open the hole to any size I want for the rivet. Sometimes, it's the simple stuff that gets me... :oops:

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Not worth a blueprint ?? Says who??

It is worth a blueprint in my opinion because the use of photos of the process and explaination makes the process clear - no misunderatand of how it is done. It is a simple step but a basic one. It would be a nice addition to the other candle cup blueprints.

The Blueprint system is one that combines one small basic tool or process with other small basic tools or processes to form a much larger group of information.

When it is broken down into small steps or Blueprints, each basic tool or process can be then referenced to any project to which it would apply. And sometimes used where we would never imagine. :?

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You're really talking about the drip pan, not the candle cup, right?

I use 1/8" inch rivets to hold the cup, drip pan, and the candle holder (or stand) together. I predrill the drip pans in the flat with a 1/8" hole, and find that they do not get deformed when I forge them into a "bowl" shape.

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I only make holders for votives and the little fat round scent candles so yes, I am talking about the drip pan - not a taper holder. I drill a 1/16 hole and then enlarge to either 1/8 or 3/16, depending on the final application. I have never cared to use long tapers so I don't make holders to fit unless it's a custom request and I can't talk them out of it.

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