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Checking in from Southern Oregon

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I have been making a mess of perfectly good old Nicholson files on my hand-cranked charcoal forge for several years now, and decided it is time to improve my skills and equipment. My forge is a washtub style inspired by Tim Lively, and the blower is an old Lancaster No. 40 that wheezes and groans and still does good work. My charcoal is whatever I can gather at controlled burn and slash pile burns in the woods above my home. Works fine, and it is free.
I'm seriously looking into a propane forge and otherwise stepping up my game, however, because I got a nice old refaced Trenton anvil for my birthday to supplement my Harbor Freight cast steel Russian anvil. Look forward to learning from the craftsmen in this community.
Thank you all in advance!

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Fellas, I appreciate your kind welcome, and will take you up on the propane forge advice. I've checked several brands and so far I like the Diamondback price, but the Chili designs. I don't have any welding tools or skills, so I think trying to build my own might not be the smart option just now. But I could be wrong. I will be spending some time here reading the forums and old posts to try to get up to speed.
Again, thank you all.

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Buying is a good option if you don't have the tools or skills to build. Doesn't make a lot of sense to take up fabrication if you want to blacksmith. You'll end up teaching yourself to fabricate later on of course, it just shouldn't be a requirement to get started.

Diamond back and Chili are both top line forges, I haven't heard anything but good about them. I haven't tried either but I pay attention to gas forges.


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Welcome aboard Bill. I'm the "other Mike" from over the hill in Klamath Falls. There's a few of us that get together occasionally over here and have a little fun. CBA has a few hammer-in's etc. in N. Cal. that we frequent, and I recommend. Mike-HR and I are both instructors through the CBA. If you are interested in some instruction feel free to PM me.
Mike Limb

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