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Hydraulic Pump question


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I need a hydraulic press geek!
I acquired all of the parts necessary for my press that included this Barnes pump.
It seems Barnes was "absorbed" by the Haldex corporation and now the #s of the pumps dont' cross-reference.
Does the "....16G" on this pump mean 16 GPM?
Will a five horse 3450 rpm motor run this pump in tandem with a 5 inch cylinder?
Just checking a few things.


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Need to know gallons per minute at a given presure at a given rpm. The faster the pump spins, the more gallons pumped and the more horsepower required. If you know these things, then you could use that motor, but probably not directly coupled. Here is the formula: 1 gal/m at 1500 psi = 1 horse power. For example, if your pump puts out 5 gal/m at 1000 rpm and at 1500 psi, then you would need to gear the motor down by a ratio of 3.45 to 1. To acomplish this, the pulley on the pump would have to be about 3.5 times larger than the pulley on the motor. For example, if you had a 4" diameter motor pulley, the pump would require a 14" pulley. As you can see, it is crucial to know the flow curve, and the P.S.I. rating of your pump, and you must get this info from somewhere other than "that looks like about a sixteen gallon pump to me". If the pressure output of the pump is greater than 1500psi, than that must also be calculated into the horsepower equation. For example, if the pump produces 3000psi, then 2 horsepower are needed to pupmp every gallon of fluid. If you get this info from barnes, post it here, and I will be glad to help you figgure out the correct ratio.

A seperate piece of info is that once you have the motor and pumped all snugly, you can then run any diameter piston. A bigger piston will travel slower but with more force.

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