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I Forge Iron

General overview of the Southeast Blacksmith Conference

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Just wanted to chime in about some of the things I learned at the 2009 conference. Special thanks to those that made this a wonderful learning experience for my wife and I! (Torch, Eddy, Mark, etc.!)

- tools can be gotten really cheap there.
- I only met 1 or 2 vendors who only wanted to sell me something, everybody else was incredibly patient with my incessant questions.
- Irish chili is gooooood...
- Welsh blacksmiths who ride triumphs are incredibly helpful and probably the best mathematicians.
- Broom making is about as much fun as banging on metal.
- Don't run your group forge fans using battery power.
- Kids LOVE throwing 'hawks.
- Call months ahead if you want to get in all the classes.
- The worlds largest nail does in fact exist.
- The beds at Quality Inn are MUCH softer than those of the Red Roof Inn.
- I now wish I hadn't sold that RV...
- Wives really love the copper flowers and jewelry making classes, she now better understands just why my blood boils when I bend metal.
- Iron in the hat is FUN!

More to follow as I think of them....Steve "Aka Cool Hand"

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In addition...

- All the green coal blacksmith classes are in the sun, get the early one or bring a hat, sunblock and plenty of gatorade.
- Bring your big car or a pickup, yer gonna go home with more than you think.
- Bring a notebook to capture ideas, sketches, and names
- You will kick yourself if you don't bring a camera or video camera, and use it...

More to follow...

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