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New Old Coal forge


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Well, after cleaning up and fixing an old Champion rivet forge, I got my first chance to fire it up today. Found some excellent coal in Conroe,TX at C&M farrier supply and built my first fire in it. Plenty hot, coked real well, very little clinker. Made a coal rake and made my first forge weld in the loop handle. All in all, very satisfying day. Still like my Diamondback gas forge for clean fast heat, though. However, you really can't get yellow smoke and black boogers from a gas forge.

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Normal. Don't fill the gearbox, just put a few drops in the oil port before you start and every once in a while during the day. 30wt works just fine for me, though winter here would make it pretty sticky. These are robustly built devices and don't need a lot of care, keep the dirt out and a LITTLE oil will keep them happy and operational for generations.


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hello all, i wanted to build a small forge so found a two hole cast iron sink. i beleive this will work quite as a forge and quinch tank. formed some fire brick to make the fire box smaller. enuff said. what i need is a local supply of coke. any info would most helpfull.

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