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I Forge Iron

Lining a steel coal forge

Warren Nakkela

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So I want a product to line this forge. The depth may be up to four inches in places. If I use clay the clay in the fire pot it will "fire" and become hard but the rest will remain soft and will become wet from me keeping the coal wet. I don't know much about castables but these products may be what's needed. Anyone with experience along this line that can steer me to a good product?

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Use a refractory mix in and near the fire pot and a fireplace mix concrete for the rest.

Further out where it isn't going to get hot enough to fire like ceramics but will still get fire hot try one of these, they're fireplace and oven mix designs:

Refractory concrete recipe; refractory concrete ingredients for wood ovens.

melting metal in a home foundry, backyard metalcasting, metal casting Lots of info here but there are a few refractory cement recipes.

In the firepot area I'd use (FC) fireclay, sharp/mason's sand(MS) and a small amount of portland cement(PC) in a ratio of 3FC : 2MS : 0.5PC or there about. It isn't really precise beyond not using more portland cement then necessary to keep it together till everything sets and fires.

On the other hand I'd spend the $25-30 and just buy a bag of 2,600f castable refractory and be done with it. Cheaper, easier and faster.


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