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Leaves for Paw Paw


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Leaves for Paw Paw
Sheri posted the following on the Anvilfire Hanner in and ask that I also post it on IForgeIron. I see no reason not to post it here as well, as many of you contributed your efforts to the Leaves for Paw Paw project.

Trubute to Paw Paw Wilson: There is no way I can properly thank all who contributed leaves and made the beautiful planter as a trubute to Paw Paw Wilson. I am in awe of this gift and appreciate each one of you. Also a special thank you to Glenn Conner for coordinating the project. I have pasted in the list of names at the end of this message. Thank you each one and know that I will often think of the great effort of the blacksmith community to make such an wonderful gift. I have put a large Christmas Cactus in the planter and know it will be especially lovely from Thanksgiving through Chrismas.
My Thoughts are with each one of you.
Sheri Wilson
Bob Harasim
Rich Waugh
Tom C.
Frank Turley
Kayne and Son
Richard Hanson
Jerry Carroll
Bob Harusim
Darren Thomes
Leah Fuller
W. Cooper UK
Robert Hall
Melanie Bennett
Jens Butler
Brian Cornish
Paul Wells
Sutton Terock Memorial Blacksmith Shop, Rochester Ind.
Art Morgan
Charles Azbell
Sonny Powell
Rob Fetterling
Tim Pearson
Fred Oden
Add these two names for design and assembly of the project.
Peyton Anderson
Mike Tanner
Butterfly - Saturday, 06/03/06 16:11:14 EDT

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Thank you for undertaking this project and seeing it through to completion. Mighty nice of you to do so. Had I been spending more time here and wasting less time elsewhere I would have been "up" on this project and contributed a leaf. Sorry I missed out on it!

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It has come to my attention that I omitted the name of Jr. Strasil from the list of contributors to the Leaves for Paw Paw. My apologies to Jr. Strasil for this error. Please add his name to the list.

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