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Hello all! newbie to knife making and need some advice


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So the biggest bummer is i live in an appartment that wont allow me to have a forge due to some stupid insurance rules.(i cant even have a B-B-Q!!!!) So i am pretty much limited to stock removal for now. any suggestions on a good steel to start out on? and also idea's for a bevel jig? i bought some o1 and started on it but really messed it up to the point its going to need divine intervetion to be salvaged lol. the tools i have avalible are a 4x36 belt sander, a drill press, and some files. Please Help!!

(also, let me know if im at the wrong site if stock removal isn't discussed here)

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we are a smithing site, we do allow wasted stock people here, just don't get offended if we try to convert you :) Welcome to IFI.

How could you ruin steel by grinding ? unless its burnt it can most likely be used, Details please? Pic are always nice too..

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I do both forged and stock removal knives. If the knives are properly heat treated one is no better than the other. As Steve has stated, we need more info. Filling out your profile helps let people that may be close to you offer their on hand help. The knifemaking community is a close knit bunch and most folks are willing to help where they can.


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