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I Forge Iron

Some recent things I made!

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Well, I got to go out and forge yesterday. I used a make-shift portable forge, because my main forge is undergoing construction (see:http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f7/side-draft-chimney-info-10563/). It was a bottom blast- I am surprised how well it worked compared to a (falling apart) side blast.:D

Anyway, I got quite a few welds made!:D

Picture 1: Three welds I made ( The first two are a little sloppy -The heart's weld came undone:mad:; the last one is the first weld I have ever made.)

Picture 2: The best weld I think I've ever made (3/8" stock). It is a cricular wall hook.

Picture 3: A hot cut hardy I made (still rusty) and two square peices that I welded shut (they had holes in them)- Also a LOT of clinker. I had SO MUCH of it...

Picture 4: The hot cut again (and two welds)

Picture 5: The hot cut AGAIN! (I like taking it's picture!:D)

Thought I'd share!






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Good bit of practice you had today. Nice weld.

Next time you want to make a heart, try welding two pieces sq. or rd. together at the ends only (like two pencils laying side by side) and draw to points on the ends. Then take a heat and open it up towards one end so it looks like a top with a point on the fat end, then twist the fat end point into the center. Dress it up and there you go.

Doggonit DAN! Beat me this time.


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Yup! What Archie said, plus that is one big honkin' clinker!
Maybe we should have a gallery just for pics of clinkers?

At the bottom of the make-shift firepot, there was a HUGE peice of clinker (It was circular and fit the whole bottom of the firepot and then some!) ~somewhere around 9 inches in diameter!:o

It was hard to get off of the ashgate I made...
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