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Odd Looking Tool

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Hi guys
Its a hand drill wrench, the photo actually has it upside down. The pointed bit goes against a stong arm arrangement that you clamp or attach to whatever you want to drill or you can even use a chain going right around say a boiler or such with a plate so as the point has something to stick into. The drills used will have a square tapered shank that will fit into a square tapered socket the end opposite to the pointy end. To use, you have a spanner on the hex section which winds the pointy bit out (its on a thread) as you turn the drill around using the ratchet handle. Slow but it was used before Mag drills and rotabroaches. Still usefull to drill large holes for example on steel bridge repair, where you havent a large amount of holes to drill but the position is difficult re headrom etc for a mag drill.
We used strongarm with a big rightangle air drill to drill 10off 27mm dia holes in our 5cwt massey anvil which was still in situ, to repair a broken dovetail. We placed a large slab of 100mm plate on the hammer bed plate as close to the anvil as I could get it, then welded a piece of 50dia bar vertically and swung the strongarm off that so as we could reach all the marked hole positions on our anvil.
Cheers Phil

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