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Is this press worth buying?


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one of the limiting factors of a small press the size of the throat.
Think of what size diamater work you do and see if it will fit under the tooling.
Your can only do 2 times that size as you can work away from the middle to both sides

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I would buy it if you have the money and are close enough for picking it up.....the foot presses are not as powerful as a flypress but I think they could be just as handy. especially as you said for veining and other similar operations. the two holes located behind the ram are usually set up to adjust the power....closer to the ram changes the pivot point for more tonage with a loss of stroke.

I have a flypress that is at a buddies shop, he also has several kick presses....he needed to make a louver tool for a job he had and set the tool up in his kick press and tried it out in my flypress for comparison. it took alot more force with the kick press to stamp out the louver but when in the flypress the force needed was barely noticable on your arm.

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