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Beaudry springs

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I know Jim quite well. The arms on his 125# Beaudry broke while in use, he was darn lucky not to get hurt. He had new springs/arms forged by Steve Parker, an industrial smith from Illinois. Steve does a lot of demos at hammerins, you can probably find his contact info somewhere.

Jim and Ralph Sproul then made a die to press all the bends and offsets on Ralph's big press. They were very careful to keep the number of heats to a minimum and to work in the proper temp. range for the steel they were using (I forget what steel exactly) as this is a high stress part and failure can be spectacular.

I've heard of a few other people having Beaudrys break, Lee Sauder (if that's how you spell it) springs to mind. Don't know how he fixed his.

Hope this helps.

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Mine are welded back together, a bit scary!

I assumed I would have to forge a new set as price quoted to me have been extremely high.

I dont think Lee's springs broke, I think it was the mount at the top where the height setting is. Must have given him quite a fright.

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