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Spring is coming

J W Bennett

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The ice in the slack tub has finally melted here in Indiana and flowers are starting to pop up here and there. The nieghbor down the road has daffodils blooming in the yard.
Each season has little things we carry with us year to year and make us look forward to the next time it rolls around.
The smells of spring I beleive stick with me most. The air is fresh after a rain, the fresh turned soil has a smell that reminds of being a kid on the farm and walks with my grandfather years ago.
The doors on the smithy can now all be opened wide by mid morning and the breeze doesn't chill the bones.

What is your favorite part of spring?


Ahhh and I shouldn't forget the smell of skunks in the air this time of year!

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Spring peepers --- gobbling turkeys,warm afternoons spent leaning against a big oak tree taking a nap with a breeze of spring air slightly blowing and tweety birds everywhere.
You need to take the time to ponder the little things in life for they are often overlooked in the everyday hussle and bussle of trying to compete in the rat race.

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