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Hi my name is Henry, I live in Cold Lake Alberta, I have been a welder for quite a while now and I been collecting anvill blower etc. for longer than my kid and they are in their 30's LOL. Well I always Love working with steel and I intend to retired next year and realy getting to the beautiful art of Blacksmiting. I will be taking a week of Blacsmiting Boot Camp this summer and I sure look forward to it. Thanks

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to the site Henry. Plentiful amount of introductory reading on this site and more posts than you could read in the winter, all chock full of information and techniques as well. Also if you can't find what your looking for ,all ya gotta do is ask! Somene, (many someones I'm sure)will give you the answers you need or tell you where to find them. Plenty of us Canucks on here, and if we can't help there is about another 50 or so countries with the answers too.

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Welcome aboard Henry, good to have you.

I retired in 07 and have one warning for you. Forget about how good Fridays are. Forget about looking forward to three day weekends, holidays and vacations. Retirement is 24/7, no days off, coffee breaks or relief of any kind. . .



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