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T wash, mordant solution


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hello there everyone,
I have just finished a series of six decorative forged panels to be installed outside. They are currently being hot dip galvanised and i then plan to apply T wash/ mordant solution to blacken the fresh galvanised surface,wire brush some highlights and then apply an oil of some such, perhaps jade oil.
T wash is usually used as a primer on galvanised steel further to a paint finish. if anyone has any experience with using T wash/mordant solution, and especially as a final finish your comments would be greatly appreciated.
thaks paul.

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T wash as I have used it, is to neutralise the acids/deposits left on when hot dip galvanised, it did not appreciably blacken the workpieces.

You can now get paint that will paint directly onto galvanised surfaces, it may be easier to use that, then wire brush off to introduce highlights, don't get too fierce or you run the risk of removing the galvanising

May I ask why the use of jade oil? Galvanisng will weather nicely on its own

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thanks for your comments john, what with running a business and three small kids its hard to find time to keep up to date with i forge iron.
T wash is is designed to be a primer for new galvanising and should as long as the surface is free from grease etc,turn it black. Then you can use any standard paint finish including powder coat.
However i have used this as the final finish and am very pleased with the results, it has restored some of the natural qualities of the forged steel so often lost with paint finishes. The work now looks like pewter or lead!
The oil was to add a sheen and pehaps more depth to the finish. I used a danish oil in the end which dried almost like varnish.
i shall certainly be experimenting more with this finish in the future as Im sure you'll agree its difficult to find pleasing finishes for exterior metalwork.
kind regards

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t wash is a solution of acid and thinners that turns the galvanised layer black. Too much and you get a sooty black layer not enough and the surface still remains smooth. The idea is to etch the layer to give a profile to allow the paint to adhere to it, once done you cannot apply an alkyd paint as this reacts with the zinc and peels off you must apply an epoxy or acrylic system.
This solution appears not to be available in australia but I work of a company that produces a material that will adhere very well to degreased galvanised steel.

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