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  1. Hi There; With a lot of help from Junior and Jock I have been able to get into our national site and get most of the info current. That's the easy part ...to keep current you need to get me a little info...such as when and where you are doing something. In addition the membership list would really be great if none of you had changed your provider in the last few years. If you would check your listing and e-mail me any changes that would be great. Also the gallery is a touch stale...we need a few jpg type pictures to enlarge and spruce it up. Send me what you have hjwilliams1@cox.net you all know that I work incredibly slow but can whip your rabbit on occassion. Any suggestion about the site would also be appreciated. Bud Williams ....aka Shade Tree Tinker
  2. Hey Surgeon; The permanent home committee met yesterday in York and would like to use this space and also the old PBA website to pass info along. I would try to update the old site if you can tell me how to get in. Essentially for everybodys use the committee is researching funding including grants. We are looking for people that have fund raising experience and with Lori Vidlaks help are planning to apply for some or at least one grant. We are also looking for corporate sponsors i.e a local or national business that would benefit by supporting us via advertising or just good will in a community. We will meet again on March 8th. Possibly in Nebraska city to view a museum funded this way. The news letter will have more details. You could reply to this or just send the directions to me at hjwilliams1@cox.net Bud Williams
  3. Hey Jr' I guess that I may not have been clear enough in my note to Francis as The news letter has Vernon's shop in Louisville which is his personal shop. However we are using his work shop just west of 149th and Grover in Omaha which is what you have on the PBA site. If you get callks now you'll know why. I'll reitersate to Francis. Bud
  4. I was trying to find a place on the PBA site to post this and did send to Francis about 1 day after the newsletter was mailed. Thanks for picking up on the change and we'll keep you posted on things. Vern has access to a really nice and growing shop. Ornamental metal but he is their blacksmith and had been doing that work at his home. Now he can do much of it their but doesn't have a coal forge yet. But lots of space and parking. We may have to drag a few things over at first but what the heck it won't be the first time. Bud
  5. The Omaha group is moving again. Vernon Grashorn's shop just off 149th and Grover is now up and running and has both more space and parking. It's the second build west on the South Side of grover and has a sign Bender Iron. We will probably need to bring a n anvil or two and I think that Ed Olsen wants to try out his new gas forge again. Bud
  6. ;) Just a reminder the Omaha area group will meet again in December at Bud Williams shop. It is located just South od 165th ave and Center. 16555 Ontqario Circle....do the map quest thing. We had about 8 guys in November and Vern did a nice rose...This month we want to mess around with some of the animal heads that are in Bill Epps books. Pick one out and have at it. Bud
  7. Hi All; For the next few months we'll be having the Omaha area meetings at Bud Williams shop. It will still be the 2nd Friday evening at seven plus or minus. The address is 16555 Ontario Circle which is about 5 blocks South of Center on 165th Ave. Mapquest will help if you are not famiiar. Or call Bud 334 8830. As this is a residentual area and the streets no overly wide please try to all park on the same side of the street. Y'all come on November 10th.
  8. Good Morning Jr. This may turn out to be a way to keep in touch. I will make an effort to report what happens at the Omaha Area get togethers. Tinker
  9. Hey Surgeon; Great start...we'll pursue this and see where it goes. Tinker
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