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  1. Thanks Buzzkill that's what I needed.
  2. Thanks Thomas, velocity makes sense but shouldn't the total volume of the ribbon burner equal the volume of the supply tube? But velocity also depends on supply pressure so if the total volume of the orfices of the ribbon burner is less than the volume of the supply tube and the supply pressure is constant then that would increase the velocity. if I'm not mistaken and I probably am.
  3. Hi all Can anyone explain how a ribbon burner is more efficient than a tube burner given the same volume of air and gas. The only thing that I can think of is flame distribution. Others it just doesn't make sense
  4. Thanks Anvil and Frosty. I will give the spark test a whirl. If successful I plan on making a wrapped eye tomahawk out of 1.5w x 3/16 thk stock. I have plenty of stock to practice with.
  5. Hi everyone new to this forum and new to forge welding. I have successfully forge welded 1018 but have had zero success with a36. My big question is what do I look for as an indicator that the metal is ready to come out of the forge? (Propane) forge temp is 2300 to 2500 depending on location in the forge. I don't think I am having a problem with technique just judging when it's ready to weld.
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