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  1. Hmm well I guess no one has this unit. That does not sound promising.
  2. Rich you do some amazing work. Thanks for the share
  3. You might look around and see if someone has a plasma cutter. Fast clean and easy. If your were close I would be glad to do it for you, but looks like a 12 hr drive might not be a good plan. Good luck
  4. I have been talking to Sue at Sugar Creek and she has priced this unit with a digital controller for $850.00 shipped to my door. So I was wondering if anyone had used this unit and your thoughts. Thanks for the help in advance
  5. Thanks for the share. Maybe you could invite Mr. Rader to join us and share his technique. Just a thought
  6. The tensioner wheel also has tracking adjustment on it. you can see the bolt for that on the off side of the belt
  7. I got most of my parts hereGrinder parts link
  8. Hello all This is my 2x72 grinder. The build is still in progress. I need to finish the tool rest, a couple of tool bars, and wiring. I am always open to suggestions. 1 2 3
  9. Hello all I thought this Hardness Gauge would be an interesting project.
  10. Ronnie

    2nd knife

    Some great work thanks for the share
  11. Glen I use yellow ochre as well. The product does a great job for me.
  12. I use 2 of these to remove water and really for the price it maybe easier for you.
  13. Ronnie

    First knifes

    Thanks Thomas not sure what you have in mind. I agree the handles kicked my rear. So if you have time feel free to expand on the comment I could sure use the help.
  14. Thought you might be able to use this as well.