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  1. Great stuff, but how does 1 know the material used and process of its manufacture without destructive test? Visual id'ing i imagine a person would have to be extremely experienced in the forging and casting trades. double click 2 enlarge
  2. Thanks for suggestions. I also worked EC Inland Steel till drafted 11-69. Still live in lake country 72 years.
  3. Thanks, it's a good day when i see and learn something new/old.
  4. The pallet is 1" plate with solid steel sleepers for fork lift moving. The round base is the solid castiron stand it came on when i got it. Don't know who made it. The acorns came from zoro and other online sites. When i got it.
  5. No worries. All the wrenches in the wheel barrow have forge welded seams showing, with what i think is the melted hard borax still stuck on em. Some real odd looking scarfs looking split open and wrench head slipped in between. The mill has foundry, forge and machine shop. The wrench in this latest video definitely open die forged with hammer or press. Just trying to get best info about how made. They are going on tour to steam, tool and construction shows this summer. Hopefully a "hammer in" or 2 also. Thanks for comments & compliments.
  6. I customized it because it ain't that old. Double click image and it should enlarge.
  7. My 8" RIDGID weighs 190 lbs. The total set up is 1150 lbs.
  8. Thanks for comments so far. The 1906 mill drawings show its a piston retaining nut wrench for a horizontal steam engine having a 60" bore. The nut is cylindrical with 3 key ways on the OD. A crane would position the wrench to line up the ways and the key was installed. The drawing also indicates it being "forged steel". I'm adding a pdf drawing from the mills engineering department showing rods and nuts from engines we assumed installed somewhere/sometime at the complex. The top right nut illustrated is of the style the wrench is for. I'm open to it being closed die made.... but only 1 wrench was needed. For better explanation and visual please see my video about it. Utube put ads on my videos, not me. a4 nut.pdf
  9. wrenchguy


    62" long. 27" wide, 531 lbs. 17" diameter piston retaining nut wrench.
  10. wrenchguy


    213lbs. with 8" across flats.
  11. Looking for info about 140/130 year old wrenches I have. Most are smithy made but some are very large. Wanting to know terms used in forge welding process. Please refer me to best discussion forum please. TIA
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