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  1. Thanks for everyones advice, and input.
  2. Goods, yes Im tall, so are my sons Im 6 foot 6, they are 6 foot 5, and 6 foot 4. The top of the anvil is about mid hand or about 2 inches or so above my knuckles with a closed fist.
  3. The forge under the hood is a solid one piece forge probably 1/4 inch thick, it doesnt have an insert fire pot, its all one piece, I have four coal forges two are rivet type and this one thats bigger with the table and pot, the forth is an insert type, but I havent built a table for it yet. My thinking was line it using a thin set refractory with the firebricks on top of that, and lining the pot with the refractory cement/mud, but I was also thinking if I didnt need to why waste the money and material on it etc..., but I will now, I dont want to crack it, I was just curious is it was necessary. Thanks again
  4. Thomas, I appreciate your tips, thanks. My anvil is about 3 feet from the forge as of now, and I plan on moving the hand crank blower to the other side of the forge and plan on putting a propane forge Im going to build where the smaller circle forge and blower are. My plan is to run a Y for two pipes for air one for the hand crank, and one for an electric blower, so I have options. Im right handed but actually ambidextrous with work. On the hood it will come down a bit more and Ill pipe it up and out, with flue pipe I have. I plan to do some brick work behind the forge and a little on the sides of it and go up to the hood, once heat generates it should start to draw the smoke, if not Ill play around with it some to get it working properly. I did intentionally leave the front and back walls open for air flow, but I figured Id have to play around with it after we fire it up thats why I havent finished the chimney or added any brick work yet. I do appreciate your advice though, Thank you. Thomas, I do have a question, on my coal forge should I line it with fire brick or just leave it be, I have some brick, but Ive seen some people line them and others leave it as is. Not sure if its necessary or not, it is a heavier thicker coal forge than the little round one.
  5. JHCC yeah I know, Im a hoarder so outside the shop its a mess, I just bought some pallet racks to store my stuff and organize everything. It will be dirty soon enough, lolol
  6. Hi new to the forum and to blacksmithing. Been collecting stuff to put my shop together, and started organizing it and actually getting ready to fire it up and start playing around. I have an old coal forge, vises and just built a stand for my anvil, the shops a work in progress but coming together.
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