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  1. I really appreciate the advice from everyone. My biggest concern was doing more damage to it with that small edge sticking up. If the consensus is to leave it alone I'll take that advice. I may hand file the small 1/4" edge that's sticking up just enough so it's not a sliced finger waiting to happen. I'm also suspect of it's use as a mobile anvil (having moved it enough myself) but that's what my older friend told me he'd been told. Not really relevant now anyway since it'll be here for a long time. Out of curiosity, what was the average thickness of the hardened steel top on
  2. Hello folks, 1st time post here. I've read and done the research that many of you have recommended in other posts before I put this up here in the hopes of being as informed as possible before asking the community for assistance. Now I'm ready to ask for you advice or opinions. My son & I recently started collecting blacksmithing tools in hopes of making it a fun hobby for both of us. A good friend had this 1 3 1 (197lbs) Peter Wright anvil that he sold us for well under market price. Since the anvil was part of a Christmas surprise for our son, it was obtained & stored in wintert
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