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  1. Well I figured I might as well start a thread on what I'm working on and it can be a visual reminder of where I started out. I'll start out with todays work as a starting point, as my two hotdog sticks were posted elsewhere. Today I decided that I was going to forge out a grilling set for a friend of mine that has invited me over to a rum and steak night in two weeks. I thought a set including a steak flipper, fork and knife made from railroad spikes would be a great set, so today I fired up the JABOD and started with the steak turner.
  2. Got to fire up the forge and work for a bit today. Making charcoal on top of my charcoal worked well today.
  3. This followed me home. Will be lag bolting it to the stump for some extra whacking area and hardy tools
  4. She might give it back this way....Depends on her mood I guess...one more reason to cut that handle off.
  5. Until my wife's feet touches it.....
  6. So I went to add more dirt to my JABOD yesterday, move my bricks around and reposition things for tomorrow, and it was frozen already. I must have been quite a sight using a claw hammer to chip dirt away at both my forge and garden to get more dirt. I'll have to fashion a something or other to warm my sledge hammer anvil for the winter season.
  7. I face a similar issue as I intend to be forging outdoors this winter up in Alberta. I've been looking for a broken down bbq that I can rebuild my JABOD in so I can close a lid on it. Anvil is right next to the forge at the moment to get hammering as soon as possible. We'll see how it goes in -40 degrees......
  8. So far what I seem to have made is smoke and noise, and she doesn't appear happy with that.....
  9. Thanks for the input! I'll see how it works out here in the near future.
  10. After hitting a bit more, I'm thinking it looks better....certainly feels better, no real distinct edge as compared to before.
  11. I hit it up with a file a bit today. What's your opinions on what's been done, or still needs to be done.
  12. I went and picked up some hot rolled steel bars today of various sizes for the next projects. The rebar piece was just something laying around to muck about with. Next projects will likely be a hot dog stick. I saw a YouTube video by the "Essential Craftsman" where he made one and it's piqued my interest.
  13. So this is my JABOD that I built the other day. I will be picking up a proper pipe tomorrow and repacking it, but I shamelessly utilized the Mark III Jabod fire pot design and fired it up today. Utilizing charcoal as my fuel source I have quickly learned that I need to increase the amount of fuel I have on hand. I then made about a 5 gallon pail full of charcoal for my next forging day, and have prepped wood cubes to add as I forge, which is what I did this afternoon. I'm using a bed inflator as an air source and aimed it indirectly as mentioned in many threads. It was a good initial learning day today and am looking forward to more. Also made my first tool today.....a simple coal rake out of re bar.
  14. Here's my humble starting anvil. 10lb sledge mounted into a nice mountain ash stump.
  15. Greetings all from the Great White North! I have to say that this forum has been such a blast to be lurking on for the past few weeks. I got hooked watching Forged in Fire, which brought me here, looking to give forging a try. So far I have built a JABOD charcoal forge(that I finally fired up tonight), started making my own charcoal, and have made an improvised anvil with a 10# sledge hammer mounted in a nice big ash stump. Looking forward to starting out small with coat hooks and such, and the forge will keep me warm through the long cold winter up here.
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