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  1. Dang I wish I saw this earlier! I already paid for a pallet from the place I mentioned above. Next time I will call The Coal Shop and get one!
  2. I asked them what coal it was and got the below response. Looks like I might be placing an order soon! What do you all think? Pocy low vol Smithing coal, we've never got any complaints about quality and we have alots and lots of repeat customers. The coal is very soft so it can have a lot of fines, maybe 20% with the Pea size, but that's the low vol nature of the coal that makes it almost smokeless. It's high BTU, nearly 14000, low sulfur 0.6%, low ash approx 6-7%.
  3. That is a good point! Its from Penn Keystone Coal. They call it blacksmith coal so I assumed it was well known.
  4. I sourced some bituminous out of PA and can get 50, 50LB bags on a pallet delivered to me for $800 (including LTL freight). It comes out to a little more than double the amount of what I am paying for my anthracite but the good thing I can just sell it locally as you can't get it around here. It would take me a VERY long time to use a pallet! haha
  5. That is great that you get to make the most out of the trip. It is always great to see family
  6. 1500 Miles!!! That is a hike! Ever since you all explained to me that bituminous is easier to control I have been looking on getting a pallet of it delivered to me. I found a good price but its much more expensive than anthracite
  7. I considered propane however most of the things I want to make would be too large to fit inside of a propane forge. I want to make hangers and hooks and things with scrolls. I also don't want to hear the sound of propane burning while I work. I do hope to grab a cheap one to have on hand once I get much better at coal forging. For some reason I really enjoy starting up the forge by lighting the coal.
  8. I will certainly do that once I finish getting my forge set up. The more things I make, the more excited I get about it.
  9. You hit the nail right on the head Thomas! We both run our businesses out of the farm we own and adding to the constant work we have two senior dogs, one with cancer and it makes things tough. Haven't had a vacation in 7 years but am not complaining. Love the property we have so very glad to be able to call it home.
  10. I agree! I wish I had the option of going to watch a pro but its impossible for me to leave my farm pretty much all day, every day. I mounted a nice flat screen near my forge so I can watch YouTube videos and learn but I do hope to have someone with a lot of experience come out at some point and give me some private lessons.
  11. Thanks anvil! I will keep practicing with the linseed mix. I enjoy the smell a lot more than the motor oil! Haha. Here is a side pic of the handle.
  12. I will check it out, Most of the TV I watch is British so I just might enjoy it.
  13. Haha. I was going to say I have no idea what you all are talking about but I figured it was a movie
  14. You are right! Sometimes we see the way people put these additions on and it ruins the house when other times it looks like it was built that way originally. I think when it comes time we might hire an engineer who specializes in old homes.
  15. The porch was indeed added in the early 1900's. We hate it and plan on ripping it off and putting a larger expansion on the home at some point. Just need to plan carefully so that we can do it right.
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