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  1. Appreciate the input jlp. Going to try and see if I can find some tomorrow.
  2. Appreciate the scoop jhcc! Good to know. So essentially you could buy the cheap 20 mt and melt it down to get the better flux without the trapped watering in it? I’ll have to check that video out iron dragon. I’m at work at the moment.
  3. Hmm, interesting that it raises the boiling point as well. Hadn’t given that much thought. appreciate the heads up slag. Where would be the best place to get the dehydrated borax? The anyhydrous or how ever it’s pronounced? Can you get away with just the plain old 20 mule team or is it worth the extra money to get the dehydrated stuff?
  4. Appreciate the responses! And yeah I managed to find some threads on using sand and little on why flux is used In general. So from what I’ve gathered so far your basically just trying to keep oxygen out of the weld along with any contaminates on the surface.
  5. Hm, well thanks for the info John! I’ve heard of people using sand but I don’t see how that would work for a flux.
  6. I’m just getting into smithing and was curious what the point of flux was? I looked around a bit but couldn’t really find anything on here about why it is used.
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies! Appreciate the info. I’ll have to do some testing.
  8. I’ve been looking all over to try and find info on what would be considered “too hot” when heating your work. How do you know if you’ve heated your work to hot? I’ve tried to do some searches but they didn’t really come back with anything.
  9. When it comes to paint on random things One finds to forge, is it generally a bad idea just to throw them In the forge and let it burn off or should you take the time to grind it off?
  10. Good point. I’ll come up with something. Should have some plywood around somewhere to make a little stand. Seems like that would be hard to adjust though. How heavy is that anvil?
  11. Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions! I think I have it a little high at the moment. May have to take about 2 inches off. Although I was considering just burying the bottom since I’ll be working on gravel/dirt. Not sure yet. Got to figure out how to get some holes in the dang thing first lol. RR tracks aren’t very easy to drill..
  12. I’m just getting into blacksmithing and was making a stand for my little RR anvil. I was just curious how tall I should make the stand. I’ll post a pic later of how it is currently, but I was just wondering if there was kind of a standard to shoot for.
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