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  1. Frosty, THANK YOU for opining. I will take time and do it right. I just ordered complete kit from Glen. I am going to GUT the inside of this forge. I will banish the firebrick, I read some where on IFI, (Probably one of your old posts "that firebrick is a giant heatsink." I guess I kept it there because I wanted it to protect the insulation beneath it. In essence it is causing me to use a LOT more gas, time, and sweating, fatigue from radiation.... I will cut a piece of steel w insulation installed, to fit back end, and bolt in place, leaving a window for a long blade to
  2. These are pics I have on my phone @ work. I am ordering goodies from Glen to Pimp it.
  3. I've been reading and I have been working too hard on "cool steel". My forge is in need of a makeover. 2 vertical burners, 8x8x18" rectangular tube. I have to run it too long before it gets best temp inside. IE: I'm working a set of tongs and I have maybe 45 seconds to work steel before it looses color... The fiber blanket insulation is semi-hard, but is NOT shiny and doesn't glow as much as other forges. Don't know whether to apply voluminous quantity of Castolite around entire interior or whether I should completely reline. Existing fiber insulation is about 80%. I purchased thi
  4. I have read your words and have seen you work, I found you by watching the video of you showing how to make a flatter, without power tools or swage. The Quality of your work speaks for itself!! If I lived close to you, I would be happy to pay for lessons. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us !!!!
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