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  1. That's what I thought, thanks for the info
  2. They are just tagged as blacksmiths tongs. Maybe to hold axe heads etc...?
  3. I have known about this anvil for a few years now. My friend retrieved from the repair shop at the Citadel College. My friend, who at the time delivered freight to the college inquired about it. He said it was sitting over along a wall, and not being used. They were going to toss it out, and he inquired about it. They just ended up giving it to him, he and a couple friends loaded it in about 1975. I believe it is a hay budden, and cannot see that info on the side. I do see some numbers on the front left foot. It weighs in at 400lbs, face is 22 x 5.75, 34.5" overall length, and base to fac
  4. Sounds like you scored on that haul, for sure I will throw some numbers on this buy Anvil 600, forge with blower 300, swage block 250, vise 75, sander 25, tongs, 10ea, hammers 10ea, other smaller anvils 75ea, etc... 1700.00 was the talley for everything, and I still consider that a bargain. The anvil has welding all around the waist, not sure if it was broken or a crack, just don't know. The face of the anvil is in remarkable condition, and came from a steel mill that closed down in PA The seller, who I keep in touch with, has offered to help me get going and will come down i
  5. That would be a belt sander, needs motor etc.... 25.00 I had to grab it as well
  6. I know better than that, actually have another stack of block added to it. The anvil won't see a hammer until it is properly supported Actually I did the blocks for now, as it is the exact height of my tailgate, so I can move it when I get my shop area prepared Heck why the green beans were cooking, I got the blower mounted up and connected
  7. To you as well One thing I have learned in life, if you find a deal pounce on it!
  8. Working on Thanksgiving Day dinner, but wanted to take a few more pics of the items that are hard to see The anvil is a Peter Wright 35" long and weighs 400lb. Going to look at some big hardwood rounds today The blower isn't correct for this forge, but I will make it work
  9. Thanks My progress will be delayed, until I at least get a roof on my log cabin build
  10. I Interested in candle lighting, door hardware, fireplace accessories, and maybe someday black powder gun parts
  11. Thanks for the reply's I updated my profile, to include that info
  12. I would have no quarrel with thee, if thou be a friend of liberty.

  13. I am greener than green, as I have never swung a hammer on an anvil. I have been fascinated by this for many years, and made a big leap forward in my quest. I pretty much have everything I need except the steel to work. I chased this anvil, only to find out the gentlemen had everything I needed. So with one purchase I was able to load the truck I have been lurking in the shadows here and learning allot
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