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  1. Buzz I do not have a gauge id like one but I can't find a regulator that has one online. I also replaced the bell reducers and the MIG ends today and checked again for burrs for derby. To be honest I think I am at the point of scrapping this to go with the T burners. They seem a lot more simple to build.
  2. Update still doesn't work. Tried increasing the bell reducers. No changes. In the video I was using a air compressor to test what would happen if more air was introduced. So I feel it's still lack of air. VID_20190709_140704.mp4
  3. The picture does but I was testing wide open.
  4. I use for the fittings something called pipe dope (recommend buy my heating friend.) I have not trimmed or touch the tips at all. The bell reducers are at 1 1/4 all I could find but I just bought the 1 1/2 today to see if it helps. And the Jets were a little off but I'm correcting that when I replace the bell reducers. The forge burner level was lower then normal because I thought at first that was the issue. I'll keep it above the wool line from now on.
  5. I figured out my major issue... Not enough air. I came to this conclusion by taking my burner out and blowing down the air intake and instantly the flame went to what it should me. How can I solve this. It needs more air.
  6. Thanks mike. Where can I find you MIG tip upgrades?
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqFDRBZZPWQ See first off I'm new to all of this so please be patient. Secondly, I have been reading this forum and I have had no luck finding a solution. The youtube link is what I followed for the construction of the forge and burners. I'll post a video of the forge running in a minute.
  8. I am having a very confusing issue. I have built my own forge and burners. I have 0.35 tips and a 0 - 40 psi regulator. My issue is that for some reason I can't get that jet like burn. It doesn't have that jet like sound or pressure. I am at my witts end and I don't know what else to do?