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  1. I’m not looking to make my own wrought iron through smelting or anything. I’m wondering why if were to forge weld a bar of mild on itself over and over it wouldn’t get a grain.
  2. My theory is that it has something to do with the forge welding process. Like using silica instead of borax, letting it oxidize just enough to replace scale from the bloom. But I have no experience with wrought iron and very minimal experience forge welding so I figure I’m wrong.
  3. I’ve been using a cheap welding brush but it doesn’t get off the scale
  4. I’m wanting to get get my work looking just that much better by brushing off scale before hammering it in. The cheap wire brush I got from harbor freight doesn’t seem... stiff enough I guess. I always still see scale on my piece even while brushing. Anybody know a good brush that won’t break the bank or maybe an alternative?
  5. I don’t have any good pictures right now only the one I put. I’ve had it soaking in pb blaster for a little over a week. I’ve been taking it out and tapping at it and jiggling the gears every couple days. Tbh I’m not even completely sure it’s a no.40 it’s only marked as a champion blower. But i got it attached to a riveters forge. The forge itself is pretty much scrap the fire pot is completely rusted through and the air duct is in pieces.
  6. Cvmikeray I know this conversation is old so I hope to God you see this. I have one of these blowers and the gears are completely jammed I have been staring at it for weeks to no avail and I’m getting desperate. I cannot seem to open any of the images in these chats. I’m struggling to understand how to disassemble the gear box. If you could help me that’d be amazing.