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  1. Same here, that's all stuff I won't regret buying
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have electricity but want a reliance from it. Going for other tools that don't use electricity as well. The sun's going shut that down permanently, wouldn't doubt in my lifetime the way our magnetic field is weakening far faster than predicted. If that happens most of us here will become. Far more valuable very quickly though!
  3. Ha! Yeah it's paradise here for sure till the big tsunami comes. I have a electric blower, the housing is starting to crack . this one I've wondered about since I saw it. I'd make a bellows if I had more space. Sometimes prefer the control of a hand cranked blower. I got a Chinese one that arrived with the bearing housing part of the casting badly cracked or I'd be using it right now. Save your money for a better one!
  4. Looking at the "hand blower H-11" from blacksmith supply. Is anyone using one of these?
  5. Following! Thank you very much for posting all the progress with this! One day I'll definitely be giving it a shot as well. Got huge local deposits of magnetic black sand that is asking me to smelt it as well
  6. Latch for the new garden gate and lunch at the Anvil
  7. Hahaha! He's a bruiser, neighbors cat from over a quarter mile away comes over every day to pick a fight. Neighbor says her cats face is really messed up...well he did come quite a ways to our yard to get beat up good. Mine I guess scared the other pretty good and got urinated on! The pic is him after the bath.
  8. My big tough cat, Yamaha. One of the sweetest and most loving cats I've ever seen. Sometimes so loving he won't let me work until I've snuggled and lots of face rubbing (he loves the beard-brush). He'll get upset if I don't take the time to greet with intense affection. We had roof rats, they're all gone now. Got moles, I've shown him and he's brought me several he caught. Almost daily there is a rodent left on the doormat to show he's earning his keep. xxxx fine example of feline impeccably!
  9. Made a super sucker flue for the forge yesterday. Cutting the opening for my stove pipe and forging its ring today. My last one was made from a tin bucket cut close to one of these. It rusted over the winter and neglect from my being laid up from the crash. Can't wait to try it out!
  10. This series is a must read for anyone with a real passion for smithcraft. I've read it twice now and probably will again. It's worth whatever Amazon is charging for it and then some
  11. A bit rough work but it's for our place, works better than the one that broke made in China store bought one
  12. Omnislug

    Fulton vise?

    hadn't thought of that, good idea! Thanks JHCC!
  13. Omnislug

    Fulton vise?

    I got a old fulton vise with a small anvil on it, horn and all, I'll try and post a pic later..I was wondering how old this one is and if it's worth anything, though I will definitely not be selling it
  14. For those interested in this anvil, I bought one but there is a real lack of reviews on it on the net so Hopefully this will help you make up your mind whether to purchase one for your shop. Overall I'm very pleased with this anvil, It's a lot more squat than most English pattern anvils but I like that about it and two horns are better than one IMO. First off the price is pretty good for what you get. The machining is very good, very even and flat face, the forging is very accurate and smooth. This anvil is two pieces it has a welded base I assume both parts are drop forged, would be cool if it was a single piece forging but the weld line is barely noticeable and very well done. The anvil has a pretty nice ring that is really easily quieted with a magnet on the horn, it comes with a thick coating of clear-cote to keep it from rusting and some thick black paint covering everything but the face. The shapes are very smooth and evenly machined, I kinda wish the horn was a little longer but it works just fine for everything I've used it for so far. This one is fairly hard faced, I tested it using Rockwell test files and it's between 50-58 on the working surface though it will still dent slightly from a missed hammer strike, The rebound if fair for it's size as well. I wish I would have ordered the larger version of this anvil now (165 pounds) but this size is sufficient for most small shop work and I've seen a few full time smiths who had similar weight anvils for their main anvil so I'm sure the 110 pound will work for most shops. For it's weight the face is wider than most others of similar weight and English patterned , I actually prefer the German patterned anvils after using one for a while and when I buy a larger one in the future I will definitely be getting a German pattern again...my next one will be a Refflinghaus around 200 pounds or more I worked on 3 different Refflinghaus anvils and they are worth the cost ( about double what this anvil costs) . Overall I really like this anvil and Would definitely recomend it I f you are in the market for a new anvil and thinking of getting one of these, Kanka clearly takes pride in their products and I'm sure this will last a lifetime and more. Any questions feel free to ask... Omnislug
  15. Yeah this just goes to show Kanka takes pride in their anvils, it didn't take a whole lot of effort to get this replaced and it happened very quickly all things considered...I'm pretty sure the harder anvil will get more work done as more energy is transferred into the work as opposed into the anvil. Should I start another thread just to review this anvil? I'd like to do my part to help others here to make the decision and help kanka for the excellent customer service they provided.
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