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  1. The item is "SUNLAR 110v 250w US style electric blacksmith blower". Blacksmith supply sells both so definitely get it from the smaller business.
  2. I got a fairly cheap blower from amazon- not sure about adding links so I'll err on the side of caution. There's 2 1/2 inch outlet and 3 inch. I got the 3" and it's. Enough to about blow the coal out of the pot at full blast. Less than $200 if you get a chance to use someone's account I've had this blower for a year and a half, not close to using it full time but it's been reliable. Comes with a rheostat too.
  3. Those ones are from centaur forge. Used to be chain driven instead of a gear train. Makes sense they'd have to crank really fast
  4. made a Kana hoe, design is from Japan, definitely the best weeding tool I've ever used. Made from a discarded lawnmower blade, local vine maple copper pipe ferules with 15N20 end caps soldered on. First time I've done this, think it turned out pretty Good considering. Going to do a full tang next time I make one.
  5. Do you know which episode that was? Frosty?
  6. I feel the same, don't necessarily want to get it if it's not enough for my forge. I got several tons of well burning anthracite for free so it might be a bit more work than I'd like. I've heard lots don't like anthracite at all but what I have works pretty well. I have used good bituminous and it definitely requires less air. I do miss the ability to make a ducks nest with that coal, It's harder to weld with what I have. Might make a bellows but I'm keeping my eye out for a old electric or belt driven blower also I could modify to hand cranked. Engele sells it specifically for forges so maybe it's just fine, still want feedback before I get it.
  7. Nobody's seen this one used or has used one? Angele blacksmith supplies in Germany sells them, and on a pre-made forge they have. they have replacement gears as well so this makes more sense than a old one if it works as well.
  8. Same here, that's all stuff I won't regret buying
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I have electricity but want a reliance from it. Going for other tools that don't use electricity as well. The sun's going shut that down permanently, wouldn't doubt in my lifetime the way our magnetic field is weakening far faster than predicted. If that happens most of us here will become. Far more valuable very quickly though!
  10. Ha! Yeah it's paradise here for sure till the big tsunami comes. I have a electric blower, the housing is starting to crack . this one I've wondered about since I saw it. I'd make a bellows if I had more space. Sometimes prefer the control of a hand cranked blower. I got a Chinese one that arrived with the bearing housing part of the casting badly cracked or I'd be using it right now. Save your money for a better one!
  11. Looking at the "hand blower H-11" from blacksmith supply. Is anyone using one of these?
  12. Following! Thank you very much for posting all the progress with this! One day I'll definitely be giving it a shot as well. Got huge local deposits of magnetic black sand that is asking me to smelt it as well
  13. Hahaha! He's a bruiser, neighbors cat from over a quarter mile away comes over every day to pick a fight. Neighbor says her cats face is really messed up...well he did come quite a ways to our yard to get beat up good. Mine I guess scared the other pretty good and got urinated on! The pic is him after the bath.
  14. My big tough cat, Yamaha. One of the sweetest and most loving cats I've ever seen. Sometimes so loving he won't let me work until I've snuggled and lots of face rubbing (he loves the beard-brush). He'll get upset if I don't take the time to greet with intense affection. We had roof rats, they're all gone now. Got moles, I've shown him and he's brought me several he caught. Almost daily there is a rodent left on the doormat to show he's earning his keep. xxxx fine example of feline impeccably!
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