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  1. So I decided to make a shield out of the bottom of a salvaged pressure tank for a water system. Im liking how it’s going so far but don’t know what kind of shield it is. Approx 20” diameter. Peak of the dome is 3”. It’s looking like the weight will be just short of 10 lbs. The steel is approximately 1/8” thick. And the outer rim is cut to include an original seam so it is a bit over 1/4” thick. Still figuring out the straps. 









  2. I have collected all the components for my press.  Would love any input on ways to assemble and mount before I start that phase. The motor is a 5.5HP 110v. The pump, valves and tank are off an old tractor. The cylinder is 4” bore and is brand new. 

    I’m not positive but my math puts it at a 16 ton press power. I’d love if someone could check me on that. 





  3. Started the canabilizing of my old broken tractor. Hydraulic control valve and hydraulic fluid holding tank with filter assembly. Pulling the pump next. Have a 30ton shop press frame I have made an agreement to buy which I will be reinforcing with additional steel. And if I’m lucky then I might be able to use a piston from the tractor as well. 


  4. Working on this. Blade is double twisted 12 layer pattern weld. 1095/15n20. The guard is wrought. Have a big cube of wrought for a pommel as well. Forging that today. Handle is going to be leather wrapped wood. Thinking with some twine risers(correct term?) underneath. Super stoked. A dagger is one of my bucket list knives. And high up the list to boot. Also the fuller was forged in not ground. 


  5. Thanks for the feedback. The BLO was for the handle wood. Not the blade itself. 

    Rhitee: yep. The fit and finish is defiantly a focal point. Not something I’ve done a lot of so it is going to be the biggest challenge i think

  6. This one is my second blade. My first was a rail spike so almost doesn’t count lol. This one is from a truck leaf spring and is a gift for my sister who is my biggest supporter. She asked for a chefs knife or a cleaver. This is good for both. It has an 8” blade with a 3” belly. 13” overall. Contoured handle made from a rescued old growth sledge hammer handle. Polished to a 3000 grit same as the blade. Heavily oiled with BLO. 


    For number two im super happy. Took it to work today and will cut scallions and ginger like warm butter so I’m happy. 


    Constructive review hugely appreciated. 






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