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  1. Thanks for the feedback. The BLO was for the handle wood. Not the blade itself. 

    Rhitee: yep. The fit and finish is defiantly a focal point. Not something I’ve done a lot of so it is going to be the biggest challenge i think

  2. This one is my second blade. My first was a rail spike so almost doesn’t count lol. This one is from a truck leaf spring and is a gift for my sister who is my biggest supporter. She asked for a chefs knife or a cleaver. This is good for both. It has an 8” blade with a 3” belly. 13” overall. Contoured handle made from a rescued old growth sledge hammer handle. Polished to a 3000 grit same as the blade. Heavily oiled with BLO. 


    For number two im super happy. Took it to work today and will cut scallions and ginger like warm butter so I’m happy. 


    Constructive review hugely appreciated. 






  3. It is a spike. Leaf spring is already started. As well as an ax with a file for a bit. Wood is actually the broken end of a sink plunger handle. Lol. It is epoxied with the pins tight fit in the holes for a mechanical support. 

  4. Patience is defiantly key. In the current market, at least in north central Florida, used anvils are right up in the same price as new anvils of similar weight. That is of course if you can find one that is even useable. The craft is having a wonderful resurgence with shows like “Forged in Fire” and “Milwaukee Blacksmith”. Unfortunately that means a high demand and not nearly as good of a supply. Don’t limit yourself to a used anvil. If you really feel you need an anvil shaped anvil do some research on new anvils as well. Also check out the improvised anvil thread. Don’t get locked into your anvil having to look like it’s about to squash a coyote.