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  1. Made a bunch of random hooks today but I’ve been wanting to tackle a RR spike something or other. I made a steak turner (I use them for bacon) this go around. It’s different material to work with for sure. Then I tried my hand at a cheese slicer and finished up my little circular saw blade knife that I’ve been putting off forever. Was good to spend some solid time in the forge! I learned a ton and should sleep good tonight.
  2. Such a great tool to have Reeltree! I suggest a table and foot switch too.
  3. Cleaned up my vise and coated with some linseed oil. Found some markings on it but I have no idea what they might mean, if anything. It’s also been welded I see. Oh well should give years of service still. Now to build the stand.
  4. My patience finally paid off. A little clean up and a stand and she’ll be good to go! Working away from the wall will be different.
  5. Set up table to bring a piece of steel up to it square and grind on it or use a commercial wheel dresser with the carbide teeth. Either way you'll probably need a rest of some sort. I just passed up on one of those because it sounded pretty crunchy inside.
  6. Well there you have it! The first pic is 2 hours in. The 2nd is just now after wire wheel treatment and a coat of oil. Electrolysis is the way to go!!
  7. Yeah it’s a manual charger and I’ve got it going right now. The meter is reading about 6A. “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.” Frosty, I have a switched plug on its own circuit in my shop just for occasions like this. Experiments. I’m looking for shocking results of a different nature. Lol.
  8. I’ve got some sodium carbonate and those wrenches are pretty pitted already. I think I’ll give electrolysis a go. I’ve never done it so it will be good for experience.
  9. Thanks. That makes complete sense. After we cleaned a while he sent me home with some stuff. A couple of nice old saws (a Disston and a Shurly Dietrich), a couple old files, an adjustable wrench (Marked GM), a couple rusty wrenches (I’ll clean up and see what they are if I can) and two pairs of Enders 3/8 farriers tongs (might reforge one to fit 1/4”).
  10. Friend of mine moved into a new place and there are about 6 buckets of these in the old shed. What are they? They say 5/8 on them. I thought some form of cable coupling. They’re tapered so maybe for tension?
  11. Metal Supermarkets is new to Calgary. Prices are high but I think that is due to convenience of being able to order whatever length you want. There's lots of machine shops in Lethbridge that may let you piggyback a small order. There's a few knife / axe makers your way too that can be found on the ole Facebook or contact Jeremy at Homestead Knives in Strathmore. I believe he is a "retired" machinist or millwright (I'm not sure). He seems to have a wealth of knowledge on finding stuff like that. Good luck and please post your findings, I'm not far from you but far from needing tool steel yet.
  12. Will definitely do that when these eventually break. They are just a broken broom handle shaped with a rasp and sandpaper on the drill press. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Formed some handles for my files and got them hung up, finally. Fitted my bed rail tongs to a piece of 5/8” rebar and beat out a heavy hook. Forming around the horn is getting better every time.
  14. $1 garage sale find. The only useful things found at early garage sales so far. A quart can filled with various small rivets and a few shear pins.
  15. Beautiful work alexandr! I love those lanterns. Just amazing.
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