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  1. Built these over the past few days. Cracked them working them too cold but they welded and reformed just fine. Fitted them to a railroad spike. My angle wasn’t as beefy as JHCC but they still made a nice pair and decently comfy too use.
  2. Didn’t get much shop time today. Finished the bedrail tongs, fitted to a railroad spike, and added a little something to the candle holder.
  3. Nice stuff Ted. Good looking tongs Cannon Cocker. Love that huge smile. Was it his first?
  4. I think this tangent should be renamed “Pun-gent” for several reasons. Lol.
  5. Thanks. I used a piece of axle shaft and a round of garage door spring. The old ones where the door opened out and up is the right size and already round so no extra shaping.
  6. After I salvaged my treadmills, I tried my hand at a few things. My first bottle opener (was and eye opener), broke the bedrail tings working the too cold. Welded them and will try again tomorrow. Made a handle for my brushes and a couple candle holders. Das inspired me to try making one like his. For a newb, it turned out pretty good. A couple different textures on it. Ball peen on the base and wood grain on the handle. That really tested me but was super fun!
  7. Got a couple of freebie garage sale treadmills. Salvaged a couple motors, controllers, rollers and some tubing. Made a long stock holder out of some of the frame. Yes I understand the irony of white in a blacksmith shop. Im hoping to build a 2 X 72 and a disc grinder from the motors.
  8. Wow! Nice score Pedro! Stopped by an auction today and saw a guy carrying out his pallet full of goodies. Asked if he’d sell me the oil rag can. He looked at me like I was crazy and said to give him $10 and a hand. I gladly obliged. Stopped by my local body shop and picked up an empty laquer thinner can. Cut the top off and presto, a 10 gal. quench tank with a lid. Now to decide what to fill it with.
  9. Rebar is to blacksmithing as pallet wood is to woodworking.
  10. “Inherited” a couple of cross cut saws. One is 49” and the other is 55”. What do you do with those? ....:..besides cut trees.
  11. It’s saddens me that I have nothing to add to this conversation. No spice, no flavor nothing but tasteless anecdotes.
  12. Salvaged some steel from a bed frame. Some nice sheet metal and a few pieces of perforated sheet as well as 2 - 44” pieces of angle. Started making JHCC’s bed rail bolt tongs. Will post progress and pics on that thread. Made a fire striker quenched in water from a piece of the angle too. It sparked nice on the grinder but I forgot to take a picture. Maybe will post results in a fire striker thread.
  13. It sparks like medium carbon steel. I folded a couple of 18” sections to make JHCC’s bolt tongs and then made a small section into a fire striker and quenched it in water. Will test tomorrow.
  14. Frosty, I found that out when I ground it. I saw someone made a pair of bolt Tongs by folding and flattening a piece of it. I might try that. Dont quench! I know that too. Yes, perforated sheet. Sorry I’ll try to use proper termination as best as I can from here on out. By “dump” I meant that someone dumped it. We have proper landfills in our area so anything dumped roadside is free for the taking and I usually take the other stuff to dispose of it properly. Make the world a better place and all that jazz, you know.
  15. Picked up a roadside dump bed frame. Salvage some of the sheet-metal and angle iron off of it. Not sure what I’ll do with the holy stuff. Thinking it might work good for tea light candle holders.