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  1. And if we do, let’s pray they are not using a powered wire brush.
  2. Pretty safe gamble. Worst case you have usable flat bar.
  3. So I did, but as with drinking bleach to prevent COVID, not something I expected someone to take literally.
  4. I can’t see the video or the last pics you posted. Is the problem on my end. Bolts in a pot, how do they not get permanently fused?
  5. Wire brush to the face? Although sometimes my beard itches enough to make me wish I could take a wire brush to it, not something I would recommend.
  6. Frosty, it is quite obvious you interpreted your vision wrong. Chris, once you punch the eye, holding the head is easy with a set of hammer tongs. I have been working on a raven’s head war hammer off and on for the past several months. When I asked Korney how to hold it, he gave me a very simple set of hammer tongs. It was really amazing how securely you can hold the head while not squeezing much at all.
  7. I am likely wrong, but I think Frosty meant cut off a piece of the same round stock you are making the head from and tack weld it to the side of your hammer blank. Then you no longer need worry about it rolling.
  8. I primarily use my swage block as an anvil light enough to carry into the garage in the winter for working on copper. The only time I’ve ever used it for something like its intended use was when making a couple of bells from oilfield pipe. It would probably be more useful if it didn’t have the shovel form taking up quite a lot of space on one side. A much more useful swage block would seem to be one that has at least one square hole about the same size as my anvil’s Hardy hole. Many videos show someone hammering the end of the Hardy tool into the hole when fitting them. My anvil is only
  9. If you want to try a swage block, you can borrow mine. I never cleaned up all the mold lines, but it would let you find out if you even want one.
  10. Do you have one of the SCABA swage blocks or a v swage Hardy tool? Korney put the large bolt he helped me punch and drift in a v swage Hardy tool. He held the punch. I whacked it with a sledge until the slug came out.
  11. I found another thread here about this type of anvil. It was called a “pig”. There are actually several. It seems to be a French style. This is one from from a guy in Argentina. Not the same maker, but certainly the same style. That hole in the side does seem to be for the plug to fall through. gh.
  12. This is the cover of our latest newsletter. Pretty cool. The piece was made by Russell Bartling. It will go in the gate SCABA makes each year. Standardized rings are passed out to anyone who wishes to craft something for the gate. This was his contribution. Very cool I think, and sums up the year.
  13. I will text him and see if he can send me a picture of it. Or maybe Chris can get a picture the next time he is there.
  14. Korney’s punch does all that plus punch the iris at the same time.
  15. I will see if I can take a picture of Korney’s punch the next time I need coal. He said he had to make something like three tools, just to make the tool. He told me I should do just as Latticino suggested. He also said the punch doesn’t quite work as easily as he thought it might. I expect a Dremel would be hard to use for this unless one had rigged up something to mount and use it something like a mini-milling machine.
  16. Thanks. I will look for the book. It will be a year or two before I build it. It has to be paid for with 100% disposable money that I have managed to not dispose of. Although I downloaded an app called RobinHood that is helping with that. It is a trading app which allows you to open an account with zero money. The costs to trade are minimal. I through a thousand at it just to see how well I could do. Pretty well it turned out, but then even a pigeon pecking at a list could do well after the crazy COVID sell off. Donal
  17. You can’t see the profile well. I should have taken a picture prior to using it. I didn’t do a good job of hit, cool, hit, cool. It softened. To set the profile I placed two hex nuts edge to edge. I don’t have a welder at home and didn’t feel like driving the 60 miles or so to my Dad’s to use his. I just held them together with my fingers and used it as a gauge. I would file a bit and then see how far off it was and file again. The tip edge was just eyeballed to maybe 45. This was a piece of tie rod. I plan to try again with coil spring. I’ve told the owner of Everything Welding
  18. That V on the end works great for thicker stock, but not so great with thinner like 10 or 12 gauge. What profile is best for those?
  19. My skills are rusty, but better than most. I can use mig or arc welders. No tig. I welded for my dad and father in law before and after school from 14 till I left for the Army building gas tanks, utility trailers and such. But that was almost 40 years ago. Most of the welding on my pot was done by me. Dad did most of the cutting. My cuts looked like I was trying to make a saw. His were dead, solid straight. Not bad for a guy pushing 80. Donal
  20. I first tried a Dremmel tool. What I resulted with was something that vaguely resembled my own very crude attempt at drawing a wolf. Looked like something a mother would say “Oh how precious! Let me glue a magnet to that and put it on the fridge door with your cute T-Rex eating a cave man.”
  21. Yes. Upset. I’m a newb. Very much a newb. But I listen well to those who know. Especially those who can tell me how to build one that is safer, because they have already been there and done that when building presses which ended up being unsafe at any speed. My real reason for wanting a press is concern about power hammer noise in the neighborhood. We are sort of spread out, but this is still not a rural area. Thanks. Donal Harris
  22. First: Several months back, I saw where someone had saved the photos and reposted them someplace on iforgeiron. I cannot now find it. Anyone know where they are Second: it is a very poor drawing, but, does anyone know how I might make this punch? It doesn’t look like it, but it is an eye with an iris and pupil. The white areas are depressions and the red areas are not. Our past SCABA president has such a punch. I suppose I might could ask if he is up for a lesson. When I asked him once, he said he had to make something like three different tools to make the eye punch tool.
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