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  1. YaAqob's Hammer

    Champion blower parts

    Thomas Powers yes this is my first time working with old cast iron machinery. Thanks for the advice kozzy
  2. YaAqob's Hammer

    Workpiece losing heat

    No I haven't thank you for the link I will check it out.
  3. YaAqob's Hammer

    Champion blower parts

    I am in need of Help!! I have a champion blower 400 and one over the gears snapped into 5 pieces and I haven't had any luck findings a replacement. It is roughly 4.5 inches across. Someone plz help me!!
  4. YaAqob's Hammer

    Champion 400 blower

    I have a big problem!! A gear in my blower broke in five pieces and I have looked far and wide via the internet and can not find a replacement some Please help!!!! The circumference is roughly 4.5 inches
  5. YaAqob's Hammer

    Workpiece losing heat

    Thank you all for answering my question.
  6. I am a novice blacksmith I know I have to pay attention to the color of the metal bc I have a bad about of wanting to keep hammering even once the metal is to cold. Which brings me to my question. I have watched ALOT of smithing videos(more than 100) and I have noticed even if I heat the steel to a bright yellow the steel loses its heat really fast I mean abnormally fast. Any thoughts of why? I use a coal forge and I take the steel out as soon as I see the yellow I want work the steel I may get 5 swings in and I have to heat it back up.