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  1. Good morning njanvilman I'll attach a few more pictures. The weight stamp looks like 250 in the pictures but is clearly 260 in person. The date is a little harder to read but appears to be 1909. Would this have been a specialty weight made or did they make several in this size? Also I haven't seen many saw tuners of this size sell and would be interested to hear what you think the value is. Would $5 # be a good starting point. Please keep in mind I am a dealer and at some point this will be for sale, but the $ isn't all it is for me. I am very passionate about these pieces and love the history. Also is it necessary to clean it, or can I leave that for the next person if they wish? In antiques I never like to alter the state in which I found the piece. But I also wouldn't want to be neglecting the anvil either. Thanks for the knowledge!
  2. Location updated. It is in Southern Massachusetts. Not too many detailed questions, just looking for some other knowledgeable thoughts & opinions! Felt like sharing.
  3. Hey Fellas Long time lurker but first time Posting. Hoping that NJ Anvil Man will chime in. I've always been a picker and an Antiques guy. Tools & Iron have always been my love and I've owned many anvils through the years. Looking to see what the more seasoned veterans think of my most recent find. A marked Fisher Saw Tuners anvil in amazing condition, weighing in at a marked 260#. Thanks for any info.
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