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  1. I did not use it yet. I bought last week and was untouched for a few years I think. I only removed the old ugly paint. What is special about a Yorkshire pattern?? Side view.
  2. Thanks!! Its the anvil in the middle im guessing. What company's catalog is this from?
  3. Do you have a picture of the page?
  4. That is what I find unsual about this anvil... Also, the size of the table and the position the bicks reminds me of an sawyer anvil... Thank you Frosty, glad to be joining the forum!
  5. Hello, I just picked up this old double bick anvil in an early 19th century farm/sawmill/flourmill. The anvil is stamped with "E.W" and 210 (252 pounds). It weights 246lbs on my scale. The hardy hole location reminds me of a french anvil. The steel face is about 1/2"-5/8" thick from what I can see. It has a sharp and loud ring.It does have a good saddle in the middle. Do you have any information regarding this brand of anvil or its origin? Thanks for your help!
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