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  1. That site is down, do you have that file to share
  2. Thank you for sharing, I plan on making one this afternoon
  3. Thank you for the tip. Mod note: It's a good tip. Follow it.
  4. Yes I have heard that before, someone also sent me this picture from anvils in America. Lol who ever made it I am grateful. 196 lbs of pure joy in my eyes
  5. Lol yes I understand now. I will have to get that book.
  6. A friend sent me this picture. This is why I wondered if it was made by mousehole, also mine has a sharp ridge under the horn. I was hoping for an easy answer but I don't think I will be able to find one. Thank you Thomas powers, I may have to order one of those books
  7. Thomas powers I have not checked or do I own a copy of anvils in America. I figured with it being marked Sheffield (England) it wouldn't be in there. I have found that anvils made in Sheffield England at that era. Was kinda muddy waters. People would have others make anvils and have there name put on it instead of for say mousehole. I have found references to Sanderson Brothers but no real information. Thank you, there just is not allowed out there about Sanderson Brothers anvils. I was more curious if mousehole made it, because it looks like one. Really I'm just going to enjoy using a real Anvil instead of my forklift Fork that I have been using.
  8. I just bought my first anvil yesterday. But I am having a hard time finding information on it. I took a wire brush to it but didn't have alot of time to clean it up. Any help would be appreciated
  9. I have built a forced air burner from plans that I found on the internet. It is a 1.5 inch t I have a .30 Mig tip bringing my propane in I have an 1.5 inch x 8 inch nipple that reduces down to 1 in with an elbow that will bring a 1 in into the forge with a inch to inch and a half reducer as a flare. Currently I have a hair dryer as my forced air source until I can find a squirrel cage blower reasonably priced. I have fired it up and it seems to burn like the others that I've seen in videos
  10. I am building a forge from a sand blaster tank. The diameter is 12" and the long flat part of the cylinder is 18". It is 24" cone to cone. I plan on putting 2" of inswool inside which should be roughly 1450 cu in. Would 1 burner be enough? Still in the air on a multi port(ribbon) or not. I have about 4 lbs extra kast o lite 30. Would that be enough kast o lite to make a ribbon burner. Thank you in advance for any help
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