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  1. Not that I know if I’m afraid. Currently searching google, eBay etc for pre made forges and can’t even find any in this country, they all seem to be in America, Canada or Germany.
  2. Would be so easy if I lived in America!
  3. What materials would people recommend for the lining if I make a gas forge that I can get here in the uk? Cheers
  4. Can get a tank from work no problem it’s the lining that’s worrying me.
  5. I think I’m leaning towards a gas forge over coal.
  6. This all sounds really cool as my initial thought was that the notches were just damage caused to the anvil at some stage in its life! I’m super excited to use it and am currently searching google etc for ideas on making a forge rather than buying one and if it’s something I could do or not.
  7. I have had a brief look online at forges and they aren’t cheap so I was wondering if it was possible to make something that works, I’ll have a look through the threads you’ve recommended if I can find them lol
  8. Thank you mc hammer, I’m looking to start bladesmithing in the new year as a hobby but still have quite a few things to buy first before I can start making things. I will more than happily post a pic of my first blade that I make whenever that may be.
  9. I was just after a ballpark figure for this particular style, make, weight etc. I paid £125 and I’m happy with it regardless.
  10. Thanks for your helpful advice justanotherbiker!
  11. What would people say it’s worth? Not looking to sell it at all btw!
  12. Can anyone help with any info on my newly purchased anvil please? i can make out “Mountford” “homer” on one side and 1 3 20 on the other side, one thing I’ve noticed different about mine to other anvils is there’s no “Can anyone help with any info on my newly purchased anvil please?