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  1. Are we talking about hammer size, Or arm size now? Hahaha
  2. A friend of mine bought me a beautiful billet for Christmas. It is a ton of metal! This thing is 3/16 thick, 2.25” wide and 10” long. Honestly, if this was 1095 I would think I had conservatively 3 knives worth of steel here, but this thing already has the pattern perfectly made out on it. If I Forge this into a couple knives will I ruin the raindrop effect? Or could I potentially make it into an interesting smashed down personalized raindrop billet? Ooorrrr would anyone advise I just draw a full tang 10” knife on it and hit the grinder?
  3. Bryson: I did the grinding and gave them to him. I ground them and then used electrical tape to show him where I wanted them. The only thing between them should have been some sharpie labeling them with 1’s and 2’s Thomas: Hahaha guess he drove around in more of a submarine than a car at that point eh? To everyone else that helped, apparently I did get the billet welded up! I think my blows were more focused on the center, where I could see would cause the edges to curl up and away from each other, even microscopically! Forge welding is definitely one of the coolest things I’
  4. If that is just a little bit of edge delamination, should I try to fix it, in your opinion, Or just grind it off? I will I’ll be working on a door too. That’s great advise.
  5. Wow. I had no idea. I almost always forge outside, and stand upwind because I didn’t want to breathe the propane fumes, but I have a solid insulator that I used to build my cast iron sink coal forge. i recon when I get home I’ll be getting rid of that stuff pretty quickly. I sure appreciate that!
  6. So we aren’t thinking a little single burner propane forge doesn’t get hot enough? Or is there no way to tell without someone standing there?
  7. I have a hard time truly knowing what my temperture is in the forge. Surely that’s my biggest problem. What do you use to tell the temp of your forge? Experience? Haha
  8. There is a group called the salt fork craftsmen in Oklahoma here, and I was thinking of going to one of their meetings and seeing if someone wanted to show me a thing or two, but I would hate to show up and impose my problems upon them... maybe I’m just a little shy haha
  9. Believe it or not, my very first attempt at hand making some Damascus didn’t work perfectly. So here I am looking for someone to help me through this! So I’m using a single burner propane forge, one side is blocked off by a half inch thick metal plate and the other side is slightly contained by some red house bricks. (I’m wondering if that’s my problem over all) 1.) Had a buddy weld together together a few pieces of 1080 and 15n20 2.) Got things to roughly 1600 degrees, and applied 20 mule team borax to the sides with the edges. 3.) Back in the forge to what I would hones
  10. Heavy equipment trailers use these to help you lift the door on the tongue of the trailer, up at the front. They’re tucked up in there but there could be 2 to 4 on a trailer!
  11. I hadn’t thought about the fact that if I change the diameter on a pulley all of the measurements would be off. Why did you choose to do it that way instead of just being able to correct it with the tentioner?
  12. Pardon my 1 year later question, but when you put in a step pulley, you have to be able to track it side to side right, so that you can line things up closely? Its not like the chain on a bicycle that can just be off to the side a little as you change gears, right?
  13. Lucky for me I do find reading (not all but)a lot of these threads to be slightly more entertaining than rolling a rock up a hill! Haha
  14. The toilet is where I do a lot of my reading too!
  15. Thank you all for your help and suggestions! there are only 38k posts in the knife making section. I figure if I read 10 or so a day it would only take me 10 and a half years to get them all under my belt. Then at the age of 32 I could start on the sword making threads! Haha
  16. I keep running into and visiting with different salt fork members here and there and constantly forget to look into going to their meetings! I know there’s a ton of knowledge there I’m missing out on! As far as the few I’ve talked to, they’re always excited to talk to me if I’ve got legitimate questions! You blacksmiths are a pretty friendly lot! Haha
  17. Must have missed it. I’ve got patchy service and lose track of what all I’ve covered I have contacted Alro and they were really the only one that would take to me about what I was looking for. I was hoping for more options, but I’ve just gotta dig a little deeper by myself
  18. I could use a little help. Im a young, new smith, out of tulsa Oklahoma, and I have been doing a fair amount of forging. I’ve been using metals like leaf springs and even started with stuff that I didn’t even know what it was. Like welding stock from a hardware store, and the odd piece I found in a dumpster here and there on a job site I was working on. The problem lies in the fact that most of them are a flat stock. I personally think that’s kinda boring. There isn’t much hammer work involved there. It’s usually just smacking the handle shape and working the bevel(s) down a bit the
  19. That chess set was a pretty cool idea... and totally doable! This is the log I cut from it. I wish I’d of grabbed more, but the rest went to a fire pit. Oh well...
  20. I figured someone out there had the plan on stabilizing cedar. I won’t lie to myself, I would much rather ruin stuff a few times and learn the skill myself than outsource the work! And if it’s my own knife it wouldn’t matter much anyway, but one day when I’m making millions via blacksmithing I should know. I appreciate the knowledge and the compliment! So... you could tell from the wood grain? Or from where I am? That’s pretty impressive
  21. Had a friend of mine, whom is much more experienced than myself, warn me about using cedar as a handle. Told me if I didn’t get it treated it would most likely crack or move with the weather. I’ve had the completed knife for a couple months and have used it here or there at work. It’s one of my first completed projects as a new smith and the handle seems to be the best part of it. I actually cut the tree down myself. It had been dead standing for a few years. Oklahoma weather is pretty rough on wood, but this seemed to turn into a pretty decent handle. I’m wondering if In the future as I
  22. Should have just posted his ad, but he only wants $50 and that’s a price I don’t think I would mind to put down for just some simple and small work! Thank you all for your input! You guys are great!
  23. Hey y’all, first time poster, and very new member! I’m a young blacksmith in training and have received all of my knowledge from 1 book and this website! Haha anyway, so I decided to make a knife. First project ever. Used a railroad spike (doesn’t have enough carbon to harden into a serious knife yadda yadda) but, when I finished my rough shape and hammered my bevel I went to go ahead and finish the bevel shape with an angle grinder and a 36 grit floppy disk. Turns out, when someone who has only ground metal enough times to count on one hand tries to make a perfectly symmetrical gr
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