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  1. There isn't much high tech around here so if it's not annealed I will leave it be. Thanks for the responses.
  2. I have an opportunity to pick up some chunks of A7 tool steel drops. I have looked on line and can't find the information on how brittle it is. So my question is how would this steel work as an improvised anvil? I know this is the place to ask. Thanks
  3. I like that better. Cheaper and more controlled. Thanks
  4. My shop is not heated, so my question is, has anyone used a magnetic block heater on their anvil?
  5. I got it up and running. It is small but easily enlarged as needed. I have an unlimited supply of Osage orange, mulberry, honey locust, etc so I am using charcoal. The bar oil did the trick and quieter.
  6. I hadn't thought of bar oil, that I have. Thanks
  7. I am in South Central Kansas. Yes, a Buffalo 200 blower came with it. The blower is functional but won't hold oil.
  8. I am new to the board even though I have been reading for awhile. I have an old Buffalo Forge fire pot that I have been unable to find an image of online. Most that I see the fire pot and tuyere are bolted together. Mine is two halves vertically with clinker breaker and ash drop. I don't know if this was a bad design and was discontinued. The photo I have isn't very good but it is all I have for now. It was my Grandfather's and probably hasn't been fired in 60 or 70 years. Any information would be much appreciated. Laynne
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