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  1. Well good news and bad news. Bad news is there has definitely been extensive repairs to the face. I took a wire wheel on a drill to the sides and face to clear some rust off and noticed an area near the front with much higher concentration of nicks and divets. turns out its made of a different metal added later, presumably when some of the face cracked off at some point of time. The ball bearing test confirms that as I only get about a 40-50% height return. The good news is that the other 2/3 of the anvil face shows no cracking and the ball bearing nearly returns to my hand when I drop it, may
  2. To me it looks like the face plate is basically intact but someone has tried to repair a cracked edge and heel edge.
  3. After weighing it again, with me holding it this time instead of putting it on the scale, it's definitely meant to be 158lbs. I also scrubbed it with a wire brush but didn't come up with any additional markings. This leaves me with the initials JTH and the number 7115 unknown. Does anyone have Anvils in America to help me out? Or even a way to contact Richard Postman by email?
  4. What would be the best way for me to find out if this was still useable?
  5. Well thank you Ferrous! Looking at some old Mouseholes on google images, your findings are probably the closest thing I might find to an answer. The thing is definitely had a very long life with a one or two bits of the face having been repaired in the past two hundred years (its weird for that to not be a hyperbole haha).
  6. Hey y'all, I'm pretty green to the world of blacksmithing but decided it was time to start buying some equipment. I had the chance jump at me to buy a fairly nice looking anvil for a good price at a farm auction and took the plunge. Thing is I can't find a whole lot about it. It appears to be forged but I can't find a reliable maker's mark on the whole thing. All I am able to see is the chiseled initials JTH. On the reverse side is chiseled 1-1-18 followed by 7115. Now the first set number initially screamed hundredweight marking, 158lbs, except that the anvil sadly only weighed 102lbs on the
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