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  1. Wow ! your lucky man you could have lost a finger. Lesson learned
  2. Thank you it's hard work but rewarding when your done.
  3. Sorry for not being on for a while but man I have been busy making knives a lot of knives. My skill has improved a great deal in the past few years and I hate to say it but my Little Thumper is worn out and I am doing an upgrade on the little guy this winter he has served me well but the wood construction was not sturdy enough to take all that pounding. But I have a design in mind and when I get it done I will share it with everyone.
  4. Yes as soon as I get back home from my fishing trip I will post a video of it in action...
  5. I have 7" to use different tools for cross penning and flattening and fullering I just started this in march of last year just having fun turning raw stock into usable product.t.
  6. Thanks I had to work with what I could readily find in my area but it does work very well. Thanks I had to work with what I could readily find in my area but it does work very well.
  7. Yeh but I have a small shop so room is a premium in my shop. Or is that the one with a wooden cam lobe on a roller wheel Thanks Mel if you need any dimensions or help on your build I will share what I know. I am glad I did use a 6x6 instead of a 4x4 it makes a much better base.
  8. Hi I am Rocken Mike I started forging my own knifes and blades last year and I have been having a great time doing it. I have looked for power hammers and all are too big or too expensive so I checked out a few You Tube videos and built my own It works better than I was hoping for. My biggest expense was the treated 6 X 6 post I used for construction it took 2 8' X 6" X 6" treated post. Anybody with a little skill and a welder and a circular saw and a drill can build this cheep. I got the bearing from a local motor repair shop and the pillow block bearings same place. The recoil spring is from a set of porch swing springs the rest was from my shop. This was a simple build with easy to find parts with a budget in mind. I would recommend anchoring the base to the floor with the force of the hammer it wants to walk around a bit. So I will share this pictures of it completed.
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