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  1. To be honest I'm still learning I don't have any hardy tools yet but I will get some soon , I used a chisel as a hot cut and it worked fine but the spinning made it a bit difficult
  2. Yes that makes a lot of sense. Do you think making a separate hardy stand is the best i am Scared of doing work to the anvil
  3. Thank you guys I have some rail track that I will turn onto a small "hardy horn" the other thing that is funny my anvil has a round hole for a hardy I'm not sure if the previous owner drilled it out or if it is a different type of anvil. But I am thinking of making a hardy stand and mount it next to my anvil
  4. Hi guys thanks for the advice I have been working on the anvil and loving it. One thing that is a problem is that there is some welding on the horn and it looks like the anvil took a good bang on the horn and it looks like the horn has a mushroom on the tip. Any advice would be appreciated how do I did this ? I just feel like grinding off the welding and mushroom but I would like to consult with the professionals first .
  5. Hi guys The vice looks good. I'm busy with a vice of my own I took a wire brush to it and got all the surface rust off now in wondering with what to treat the metal to keep it nice and rust free? And what type of grease to use in the screw box? Thank you
  6. Hi guys Just a update got the anvil this weekend and it looks great. It is +- 197kg so that is awesome. I started stripping the vice to clean it up and the screw box is 100%
  7. I would like to do that but I'm not sure if it is necessary I am getting my vice over the weekend. So I was thinking just to make my tools so that I can clamp it on the vice. What do you think ?
  8. Hi guys thanks I am going to use it I am not sure where to start and what to make but I am so excited.
  9. Thanks frosty I'm so excited what about the back can I smooth that of
  10. Good morning guys Spoke to the guy last night he dropped the price to R4000 ( 318.54 usd) so I think I am going to take it. Would you guys be able to tell me what you would do to the anvil in terms of repair? I was thinking to use a flap disc and lightly grind the face an clean up the face and horn and smooth out the tail where the hardy broke off Thank you for the advice I have a nice stump and I'm thinking of mounting it to that but I will see if it's to low I will extend the leg
  11. Thank you I'm so excited to get some real tools working on rail was fun but but I think it time for an upgrade.
  12. Thank you jhcc. I just updated my location I'm in Pretoria (South Africa) The screw seems fine I was able to turn it. The guy for the anvil wants R 4500 ( about 357 $US) What do I look for in the ball bering test
  13. No I'm driving to see the anvil this weekend. I am still new to the game so I do a bit of scrolling and a bit of knive making. At this stage I'm busy getting more into it I am using a rail track at the moment. Just for fun here is a pic of a vice I just acquired
  14. Hi guys Please help me I'm new to the craft an am busy looking for a anvil. I found this one but I hope you can help me make my mind up. Is this anvil to damaged and is that round a "hardy" or what Please give me your thoughts on the anvil. The guy said that the anvil is round about 200 kg (÷- 440 pound) And compared to other anvil of the same weight it's about half the price
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