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  1. So last weekend went to a estate auction here there was a few blacksmithing related items. Missed out on the anvils one was a small double horned with prichel holes on each end it went for 65 but the face was beat and a 100 lb ACME went for 250. I missed out on the whet stone grinder $45 but made off with my blower for $80 bucks I'm happy with it it worked well after a little oil, you can still see remnants of the lacor black paint and gold on the letters.
  2. Finally got my welder moved now I need to fix it. The price was right got it for free a few years back need to go through and fix it lucky I know a bit about these was a generator tech for a while so AC rectified to DC i understand just need to find parts for the ole engine.
  3. So found this at my local salvage yard today any info on these and has anyone ever used one for cutting stock
  4. I have two post vices my first one the biggest of the two has been mounted to my old work bench for years and has been my go to vice for a long time the pillow blocks broke off when I got it and my neighbor who was a certified oilfield welder welded them on with his SA200. my smaller one is mounted to a sunk railroad tie in my forge only issue is the jaws are a lil off but it does its job
  5. Yeah I know how that is with all the help I've had too I got a lot of gifts to make lol.
  6. No no not with how thin the tool steel is all I've done to is is a very light sanding to smooth down some of the hammer marks and get a good idea of the serface to see if there any cracks or major defects I need to keep a eye on sofar nothing more than some chips on the one side.
  7. Wow that's a beautiful shop you got there.
  8. This goes back to about 8 years ago when I finally bought my first house back in the Dakotas. I grew up here and my family has been busting sod since they got off the boat. So generations of old farmsteads and such. It all started with a leg vice that was toss in on a deal for some tools I bought at a estate sale basicly 50 bucks and what ever you could fit into the bed of your truck. I was like cool free vice bigger than the lil small craft vice I have sold. So chunked into the truck. Next was a pedal grinder bound to be a yard ornaimate, this came from my grandmas house minus a wheel again drug out of the weeds then hauled home. 5 later a new grinding wheel showed up from the neighbors she'd still in crate. Leg vice 2 witch is mounted in my shop currently was found out on a farmstead field walk when I Went to investigate a bunch of old scrap pushed into a slough and saw the leg sticking out of the water. So 30 minutes and wet pants I drug it out and slung over shoulder with dog in tow. Finally the forge this was a shelter belt find at another abandon family farmstead near a collapsed building in the lilac bush upside down.. never to not let a old building not spike the investigation I walked around and saw the legs sticking up and the blower out of the grass under the bush.. hacking and slashing I freed it up toss it in the truck and home it went.. 4 years later and this stuff tossed in garden sheds garage and basement I finally got my shop for free. This was from my neighbor who left town and needed to clean his property so one old tarp building frame and poll barn tin later and help from some good friends we built it over a weekend.. a LONG weekend. 2 years of searching and my work in mechanical shops yielded 3 bits of rail track some benches and such. And finally last week and asking the right people yielded the anvil. Asides from a lot of gass, grunt blood sweat and beers net cost 300 bucks of screws misc tools and a few hammers. If you play the long game and put the leg work investigation time effort blood sweat you will get there and maybe just maybe on the cheap and still have coin to stock the beer fridge btw got that free too.
  9. That's more what I plan on doing kinda got feelers out there for a 150 anvil that will need a good base due to a broken foot but want to get a idea of where I will place a anvil before planting my post
  10. Nah I got a better stand for it a big piece of old barn post that I need to cut down and burry/mount in my shop that chunk of steel is temp for now.. it's just bolted/chained to the peice till I can get some cement and get my post sunk.
  11. Both of my leg vices were pulled out of the farmers field one buried in the dirt near the junk pile and the othe from a slough sticking out of the water. so these are good candidates for restoration
  12. So, I was putting feelers out in my area that I was looking for a anvil that wasn't a railroad track. a good freind of mine IMed me that he knew of a few, I was like great well Friday he messaged me to meet him in town and well he said "here found you a anvil take it." So much to my joy I now have a 7 stamped badger anvil in good shape with good rebound for my first anvil and a small one I can't complain at all. IMG_2699.MOV
  13. Hello new here finally got my forge assembled from all the bits and pieces I've pulled out of abandoned farms, sloughs and family handme downs so far it's been great. And these are what I have to start with. Still looking for a better anvil than the 3 prices of rail I have but that's just time and leg work to find a good one
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