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  1. I've looked at a bunch of homemade forges lately and decided to try to make one up with the scrap parts around my in-laws property. (I also had to learn to use a flux-core welder as well.) After assessing what I had available, I found a 2" exhaust pipe with close to a 90 degree bend in it. It looked as though most tuyeres were built around 2" but most had a T-intersection that featured an ash dump straight down. For ease, I decided to forgo the ash dump and welded the exhaust pipe to the center of the rim and attached a blow dryer to the end. I also have not yet made/used any kind of grate on
  2. I'm currently looking at a couple homemade propane/gas forges as well. I originally used a HUGE rim from an old semi or similar sized truck. After posting a picture, it seemed likely that it was simply too big to manage a forge fire in. I dropped an old truck rotor from my diesel truck on top of the 2" exhaust pipe acting as my air inlet. The only thing I want to do from there is cut out two slots on the side of the rim so my work pieces can sit horizontal rather than sticking out upwards. If you couldn't tell, the vast majority of the scrap I have available is from vehicles. The vise stand wi
  3. I've come across four very old and rusting leg vises of varying weights. They have been sitting in a pole barn for probably about 30-45+ years and three of the four no longer freely spring outwards when the vise is opened. My question is: Should I disassemble the vises, knock all the rust off, and attempt to repair the spring mechanism that pushes the jaw out? Or just leave the rust and work with the one that works fine? (I'll post pictures when I get home and out to the barn.)
  4. I've wanted to work with metal for many years now but have never had a place or the money to get the materials needed for a shop. I've always bounced around apartments and even after buying a house, I didn't have a large enough place to work metal. However, we've been staying with my in-laws while looking for a new house since mine had already sold. On the property, there is a large pole barn, loaded to the brim with old furniture and random metal, and a large shop where my FIL operated a small engine repair shop in. I started doing some small woodworking projects in the shop and while digging
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