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  1. Not at all. I am still really looking forward to forging on this anvil. It's actually really killing me that I don't have a coal forge yet. I simply listed it there to see if I would get a high enough offer because I did put myself in a bit of a financial bind and found out a few days ago that I owe Uncle Sam a hefty sum. To be honest, I kind of panicked last night, while submitting the tax forms, which is when I listed it. I don't expect I shall get an offer at that price point, but I figured, as crazy a price as it is, that is about the minimum that I could stand giving it up as I may be abl
  2. Hi Thomas, Already read that article actually along with a great video — whose name I cannot recall — that discussed that very topic. I'm definitely not the type who is looking for a 90° edge. The most I would look for is a properly radiused fuller edge, however, for this anvil, I will not be doing that. I stand far more to lose than gain. I am very excited to forge on this anvil in its current condition. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I am definitely very happy with my find. I agree. At first I was going to do a little bit more restoration work, such as cleaning up the edges, but quite honestly, I would hate to ruin the patina or ruin the HT by welding improperly. Hey Anvilman, My family lives in Maryland, so I am back and forth. I had a feeling it may have been a batch number. I appreciate the insight as not being sure of what the number stood for was nagging at me, ha. I will certainly do that. I would love to take a drive up there at some point as well -- sounds like
  4. Greetings! I just purchased my first anvil after a couple years of wanting to get into forging. It is a Fisher-Norris anvil from 1891 and has a scale weight of around 146lbs. Found it for sale in Philly and had to jump on it. I have a question about the numbers on the base that I believe is "12 8" or "12 6". Was curious what that number is. Also, any other information about the anvil I just purchased as well as thoughts on the quality/condition would be very interesting to read. Fyi, I only have a basic knowledge of Fisher anvils and how they are cast from a few hours of research.
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