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  1. Just a box of dirt, or a simple side blast forge

    Thanks for this! This is way better than the bottom blast clay trench I had made myself previously
  2. Show me your anvil

    Here's what I have as my aso for now... hopefully will be able to upgrade at some point
  3. Hey!

    Hahahaha! I've already tried to go farther than I am able... my wife said she needed a hook for her workshop. I decided to try to make one. Pretty sure she would go ahead and use it, despite being butt ugly, but I made it slightly too wide... lol. Don't worry, I haven't discouraged myself! Now I have incentive to keep learning, so I can do it proper
  4. Have only fired up your forge 5 times, but already have the itch so bad, that you cuss yourself out because you can't get a good fire going because you forgot to clean the ash out of your air inflow... then forge something waaaaay out of your ability because your wife said she needed a hook for her workshop...
  5. Hey!

    Yeah... as much as part of me wants to go fast, I am intending to go quite slow... I have a propensity to learn things a lot faster than average, but I want to stay slow so I can get muscle memory and fundamentals to become second nature.
  6. Hey!

    Been at the forge some yesterday, and this morning. Got a bit of rebar squared off. Not the most exciting thing ever, unless it's the first time you've done it
  7. Hey!

    lol. Yay, Curmudgeons! I will definitely try to avoid ticking folks off
  8. Hey!

    Hey everyone I am new to blacksmithing, and new to this community. I will probably not post much at first as I will be spending much time reading through older posts. But I look forward to getting to know everyone, and learn from your expertise