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  1. Thank you for the kind words Bubba. Of course any critism is definately welcomed. Thats the second knife I've made. I still have a few more ideas bouncing around in my head.
  2. Das Thank you so much!! I replace the electrical tape on my picking and curved chisel hammer 2-3 times a year. It sucks trying to pick the tape off in tiny little shreds. I can't wait to do this....
  3. I know this an old thread. My make shift setting tool is a 7-8mm wrench thats been rubbed against the bench grinder. Set the rivet in the hole,place the wrench on the rivet, place a washer on the unground side of the wrench and then place the bolt in the rivet and use my air impact gun to crush the rivet. Just make sure the box end of the wrench fits directly on the flange of the rivet. Wrench never gets lost as it goes right back in my tool box when I'm done. The grind marks on the wrench mate with the flange on the rivet and bite in stoping the rivet from turning.
  4. This was my last knife. O1 tool steel and zebra wood handle. Not sure on the RC, but it holds the edge forever. It is a bit on the brittle side however being a skinner edge retention was more important to me then toughness.
  5. Its my first attempt and just a quick one at that. I will definately be able to use it for heat treating and will probably do some more cutting and hacking to "tweak it" . Main body is 8" with 2"-21/2" of thermolite castable refractory. The inside diameter is approximately 5-6" wasn't perfect with the refractory casting. Course I'm not perfect either at least that's what the missus says lol. It's the best pic I have with me at this moment. The burner's are 1" piping approximately 8-10" long before hitting a 3" reducer. It's not pretty but so far the total cost is $35 for an old bag of
  6. Looking forward to meeting up if we ever get a chance. Im 20 min south
  7. Joe here, after not being able to find any new knives I liked I was forced to make my own. I started with stock removal and looking forward to experiment with some damasacus. Im looking forward to a lot reading and maybe sharing some of my pieces both the good and bad. I have a bad habit of trying to reinvent the wheel and sometimes its better, most times worse. I made my own forge already and still have some tweaking to do to get er up to welding heat. Currently bright orange ish. Managed to get to white/bright yellow by adding pure oxygen......So almost there looking forward to cha
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