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  1. I bought the running boards from a company called Aries, nice steps but instructions are terrible. Thank you for your help! ACforge
  2. It has been a while since I have been on here, but I recently purchased some running boards for my truck, it was supposed to be custom fit, and it came with a bracket that does NOT fit a specific area on the frame. I want to purchase a smaller one but I have no idea what it would be called... If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!
  3. Hey guys, It's been a little while since I've been on here but I have questions. I have a half round horse rasp that I can see the letters A and R inside a picture of a horseshoe and underneath says made in U.S.A. I was wondering who makes this horse rasp? Second question is how can I save this image because I want to forge a knife from it. Thank you very much, ACforge
  4. It sounds like a sharp, high pitched 'thud'. But thank you, I shall put it to good use. As for your pickup, I guess that depends on condition, mileage, and year... You could try Kelly Blue book, or something similar. Thanks again, ACforge
  5. Ok, here is the update... I live in the city so coal will be a problem, so I switched over to propane because of neighbors. The coal will probably be used for melting aluminum or brass. Thank you for all your help! ACforge
  6. It probably won't happen but is there still a risk of the horn or something breaking off? Or should I just go on business as usual and? (As you can tell I am a little paranoid about the sound Lol)
  7. Ok, I have watched videos of people testing the ring and it sounds different, of course, it could just be the video but I have also used other anvils and they do not sound like this... Maybe I am going a little crazy Lol. Thanks again, ACforge
  8. So I have a, what I think is an 151lb. Peter Wright Anvil, mounted to a stump, and when I tap it with a hammer, I get a good ring and rebound. But when I try the horn or where the Hardie hole is it gives off a more sharp sound and less ring, and I'm a little afraid of either one of those ends breaking off (silly, right?). I do have a 8 ft. chain wrapped around it to deafen the sound because of neighbors. I appreciate any and all advice! Thank you very much, ACforge
  9. I like the idea of of using bricks to make the forge deeper, with the cast iron pot, I have a 2½" hole and the Y conduit at the top is a 6" hole. With that flat brake drum the Y fits perfectly, so I will try using bricks, and definitely will close the bottom! Thank you very much!
  10. The ash dump is open, and I originally had a cast iron pot but I had no way of attaching the Y conduit to the 10" pot.....any Ideas?
  11. Yes it is shiny and hard coal, after I try lighting it, it does pop and crackle... And it doesn't glow red from coke, it just kind of turns white, no flame.
  12. Thanks for the quick responses! Not sure the type of coal, all I know is that I was told the coal the company sells for Blacksmithing said they were out of, but they got what they say is similar, and I have used smithing coal in some classes and this looks and feels different. As to my forge it is a wheelbarrow with a hole cut in the middle and a brake drum inside, and I have an electric blower hooked up to the forge via bendable conduit to a Y conduit so ash does not fall down the blower... It gets good air supply but not too much that it would cool down the steel.
  13. Hello I am new to this forum and am just getting started in blacksmithing. I have taken a few classes here and there and enjoy it very much... Anyway back to the topic, so I received some coal for Christmas (haha) and I tried starting it up for forging but the coal did not want to catch, I even built a fire before adding the coal and had it going for an hour straight while adding coal every so often, but with no success... Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or how to fix this? Thank you very much, ACforge
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