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  1. Thank you! I knew I should have left the T fitting in the vise. I pulled it out to inspect the hole I drilled and then realized I would have a problem lining the everything back up to thread it. I don't know why I even inspected the hole, BC I'm not even certain what I was looking for. And yes, I did unplug the drill press. When you stated that it goes against everything you know to do it that way, I took heed. I can only imagine all the carnage involved in learning that lesson the hard way. I need my hands to work and I've grown rather fond of them over the years. I'm going to ge
  2. Frosty, Hoping to get a response from you regarding the burner I put together. I experienced a few problems to say the least. I attempted to use the "chuck" to start the the threading but I screwed it up. I tried to hand turn the press while the chuck was inserted, but I couldn't get the bit to turn. Not sure if it is a safety feature or what, but the drill press would not spin once I tried to hand turn. So I went to the hand and eyeball method which turned out like junk. I'll need to practice a few more times on some scrap pieces to get it down. I quickly realized the domino effect of
  3. Thank you for info on the taps! If you see the the pipe I threaded, you would have thought I tried to do it while standing on my head. It's terrible, but now I don't feel so bad. The pieces were labeled a certain size, but they were not accurate. I ended up buying both an SAE set and a Metric set BC I couldn't get the threds to line up correctly. And then the bit had a really hard time staying in handle BC is is really cheap. I think it's made from recycled coke cans. I'm going to reach out to Frosty again and see if I can work on the method where he uses the drill press to start the threadi
  4. My "Tons of EGO'S" comments is not directed at the grey beards. I think they are an experts for a reason. They dedicated the time to the craft and it should be respected. Without using names, I would give an example of an ego on display for reference. A Sr guy on this forum gave directions on how to build something properly and even gave specific specs. It was very informative. The next post read something like this, "I went ahead and made some modifications to widget x, but I'm having problems with it, can you help?" Sr members tries to figure out why the modifications were needed but the
  5. Buzzkill, Thanks for encouragement. As for the HF tools, it funny you bring them up. I watched a YouTube video on tools harbor freight sales that you must buy. I didn't know what a tap and die set was, so I googled it and that's what came up. The video made it sound like they were super aweome. It's much like using Wikipedia as a source document, you never know what you will get. I probably drilled 10 holes in my practice pipe before I figured out how to use the darn thing. What set should I buy? I don't mind buying a quality set. It looks like it's a tool commonly used in the cr
  6. Frosty, just the opposite. I would encourage every beginner to read all of your posts since you have have answered TONS of questions regarding your burner and other burners. For example, I didn't read your directions carefully enough when I decided to make your burner, nor did I read the several posts before I asked a question regarding the use of a lathe. I was quickly pointed in the right direction, but could have avoided an embarrassing moment by taking a few minutes to read about the burner and reading the directions more clearly. Maybe I should have stated a little more clearly th
  7. So don't go off and create the best forge in the world because it will turn out like a pile a garbage, which will look a lot like my forge (see pic). I've since redesigned a new forge that I will build and I had to do math and a ton of research. But that post is for another day. I need to finish this forge first, because I'll learn more from failing on this one than just giving up on it. You will also notice that I have fire brick ( I think) in the forge. Well that's there BC I thought I was smart, but it turns out that's a stupid idea. So don't do that either. I literally went to a st
  8. Purpose of New Thread: Documenting my failures and successess while attempting to build my first propane forge. Very detailed for anyone who is super new like me. There is no reason to read or follow this thread any further if you are an expert at building forges and blacksmithing. This thread should be beneficial for those who have very minimal skill and knowledge related to blacksmithing, like me, but are now falling in love with the craft. When I say minimal, I mean limited tools, limited knowledge of how to use certain tools, and your wife will not allow you to even unclog the to
  9. Stockmaker, Thank you very much for your quick response and willingness to help. I'm having a really hard time finding the correct part. I wanted to go with the hose for the propane burner so the 3/8 flare makes since. I'm stuck with relying on a google searches for the part because no one in the big box stores in San Diego know what I'm asking for. I found the following part by searching 1/8" MPT x 3/8" male flare. Is this correct? I want to order several of them because I know I will make mistakes along the way, but I really want to learn how to do this.
  10. Can someone please confirm this is the part needed for the T burner? Living in the city has limited my ability to get certain pieces so I been to multiple different areas to get the parts.
  11. Frosty, You answered my question back in Nov. 2016. the drill press method you created and discussed at length in your directions is the alternative. On page 2 you stated a metal lathe was a primo item to have, which I incorrectly took as a "must have" tool for the build. The precison aspect was my main concern, since there was a emphasis on that word. It will serve me well to read each archived post before asking further questions. BTW, I wished you had a YouTube Channel so I could pick your brain virtually. You seemed to have forgotten more in one day than I have learned i
  12. Frosty, One of the required tools is a metal lathe, which I don't have. Are there any alternatives that I can use?
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